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Fred Herzog chooses local printmaker for landmark exhibit at Vancouver Art Gallery

February 1, 2007

Photographer Fred Herzog’s landmark exhibit of colour photographs at the Vancouver Art Gallery is a life-time achievement that was made possible with the expertise of a local printmaker—Vancouver-based Fidelis Printmaking.

Fidelis Printmaking began working with Herzog in 2004. Over 500 hours of digital scanning, re-mastering, and printing were required to produce Herzog’s unique colour images that document the nostalgia of urban life in Vancouver during the 1950s and 60s.

“We were honoured to be Fred’s choice for handling this precious collection. We knew that Fred’s images would find a place in history through the Vancouver Art Gallery exhibit, so image integrity was paramount,” says Fidelis co-owner Alan Somerville.

That the photographs should have a long life was also very important for display purposes and ownership. Fidelis created Herzog’s colour prints with a pigment-based inkjet process on archival paper. The pigment-based ink is rated to last over 100 years. This process is particularly suited to Herzog’s images. Prior to the introduction of the digital archival printmaking offered by Fidelis, a high-quality print method for Herzog’s Kodachrome slides was not available.

“It’s our business to give artists access to the very best image-making technology and expertise, so for Fred we were able to custom scan each individual slide, capture every detail, and colour correct exactly to his specifications. Basically he was the art director and on the technical side we were the conduit to achieving his vision,” says Somerville. The resulting prints reward our eyes with all the sharpness and brilliance of colour in the original slides.

Fred Herzog: Vancouver Photographs can be viewed at the Vancouver Art Gallery until May 13. The images that Herzog created with the help of Fidelis Printmaking also appear in book that that accompanies the exhibition.