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How to Calculate the Cost of Printing Your Artwork

Project estimating . . . If you are like most artists, you fret this part of the art business—mostly due to the fact that it requires number crunching, endless phone calls to suppliers, return emails and in the end a spreadsheet. If you don’t do the delicate math you might find yourself with no profit at the end of the day—or worse losing money at the end of your art project.

To make it easier for planning your print projects Fidelis offers two online Price Calculators, and since you might not work 9-5, they are available 24/7/356 to suit your busy schedule. …Read more

5 Ways to Shift Art Browsers to Art Buyers

With it becoming more and more competitive for artists to gain representation in commercial galleries, many artists are faced with selling their own work. With this comes the great responsibility or turning art browsers into art buyers.

In this post, I’ll explain five ways you can convince art browsers to justify making the purchase of your art—TODAY! …Read more

Avoid these common art marketing mistakes and learn how to market your art more effectively

Even the most seasoned art marketer makes mistakes when it comes to promoting and marketing their art.

Artists are always on the look-out for new ways to get their art seen, into the eyes of art buyers and hopefully into their homes and offices. What that means is that sometimes we rush into opportunities, we don’t double-check our marketing materials and we take risks we shouldn’t have—all in the name of marketing. In this post, learn how to avoid common art marketing mistakes. …Read more

5 Fabulous Sources for WordPress Blog Themes

How to choose the perfect blog theme for your artist blog.

This week I’m getting started at building two blogs for photo-based artists. As we’ve discussed in a previous post, building/populating a blog is relatively easy, so I am hoping to have these built within a fews hours. In this post I’m going to share what I learned during my search for the perfect blog template. …Read more

25 Painless Ways to Get Back to Your Art Business

Sharpen your pencils and polish those apples—metaphorically speaking that is! Use this month to sharpen your marketing plan and put the polish to your art business.

For many of us back to school signifies a fresh start, new beginnings and a time for learning. If you had small children home for the summer, back to school also means that it’s time to get “back to business”. …Read more

How to Get Accepted Into a Juried Art Show: Submission Tips to Help Your Art Standout

It’s time to get geared-up for fall art events, including juried art shows. Juried (and non-juried) shows provide fabulous exposure of your work and an excellent way to make direct contact with potential art buyers.

They also provide an opportunity to sell work and gain valuable commissions. However, participating and getting accepted for a juried show requires that you plan ahead and show your professionalism.

Juried art shows are extremely competitive, mostly because the floor space is usually limited and the advertising that comes with the show is expensive (and limited). It’s the juries job to weed out the weaker entries and maintain the overall quality of work at the event. This means you need to make a stunning impression with your application—or you’ll miss out! In this post, learn key submission tips to help your artwork get accepted. …Read more

Build Today, Profit Tomorrow: The Secret to Getting to Page One on Google

Building Your Artist Website Must Be Your Top Priority

I had the opportunity to catch up on some business reading today and good thing! I read an interesting article by a successful online blogger, Daniel Scocco and I know you will want to hear about it. You ask, “what could I possibly learn from an online blogger?”—A lot! …Read more