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How to become a full time artist. When to take the jump

When is the right time to quit your day job and pursue your life dream of creating art full time?

Is taking the jump too risky? In this post I want to talk about Risk—that stomach-turning, make you feel sick and ask why you are doing this feeling. Like the feeling you had when you asked a stranger for a first date, or when you “pulled the goalie” and waited nine months to see what happened ; ). Sometimes you’re not ready, you just need to jump! …Read more

Price Your Art Correctly for a Comfortable Retirement or Start Counting Your Pennies

Bill C-516 and what it could mean for artists.

This is an updated to a post we published in 2010 about the resale of  artworks, pricing art, and planning for retirement. Recently, the Canadian House of Commons introduced a private member’s bill to bring an artist’s resale right to Canada. This is great news for many artists who’s early works are being resold at auction, often at 500%!

Read more about the Pro’s and Con’s of this Bill in this Canadian Art Magazine article. While it’s hopeful this private members Bill will get passed, let this post be a reminder to not under-value your work. Learn how to price your art properly (for today’s sale), you’ll be better for it in the longrun.


Tips for building a comfortable retirement as an artist—without Bill C516 and Droit de Suite

The topic of “Droit de Suite” moved to the top of my list after reading an interesting article, by Globe and Mail writer, Kate Taylor about Canadian painter Mary Pratt and the up-incoming auction of her painting expected to resell for over $10,000. Mary Pratt originally sold this painting in 1966 for $50—possibly making the resale of this artwork a great investment for the current owner. …Read more

Hot Business Card Ideas for Artists + Content Tips from Marketing Pro’s

We’ve reviewed our recent web stats and learned that many of you art marketers are looking for design ideas for your art business cards. So in perfect pairing with my earlier post this week about becoming a “Networking Ninja”, I though I would treat you to some hot business card ideas, plus new tips on business card content and a surprise business card idea at the end of this post. …Read more

Become a Networking Ninja. Learn why you need to be building quality relationships 24/7/365

I’ll be doing a lot of networking this fall, as everyone turns indoors and a steady flow of art openings, exhibitions and trade events start popping up on my business calendar. I’m really looking forward to building some new relationships and strengthening some old ones! What kind of networking do you have planned for this fall?

In this post I’ll be talking about networking and why every artist should become a networking ninja.

Remember, networking doesn’t have to be about large events with tons of people handing out business cards or mingling at crowded public events. If you’re the shy type, look for passive networking opportunities such as small dinner parties, talking to  someone on the bus, or chatting it up at the field during your kids next soccer game. New and exciting opportunities are all around us!

Regardless of whether you’re an established artist or emerging artist you need to be networking on a regular basis. …Read more

The Secret to Selling More Art is Market Domination: Be Everywhere

As an artist you know how competitive it is to find a dealer, get accepted to a juried show or stand-out in a crowd of artists at an art event. Selling your art has never been more competitive, so what do you do? …Read more

Protecting Your Professional Image. Learn how your online social networking may be hurting your art business.

This post is a reminder why it is imperative to separate your personal life from your professional life online.

When it comes to social media such as Facebook, Twitter , MySpace, Flickr and YouTube (to only name a few) nothing is private. Social media is immediate and wide spread, that’s why they call it viral. Take some of these simple steps to make sure your personal actions don’t turn public in a matter of minutes.

Your private actions can be broadcasted to millions of people, saved on their desktops and re-circulated in the years to come. …Read more