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The Scoop About Online Art Stores: A Quick Guide to Selling Art Online

You’ve probably thought about joining an online art store to sell your art. With hundreds of options out there how do you know which online art store is right for you?

In this post I’m going save you a ton of time doing research, by giving you a quick guide to selling your art online using online art stores. Learn what images to submit, how much it will cost and what you should expect from an online art store provider. …Read more

5 Rules for Artists Using Social Media

I’m happy to welcome guest writer, Devon Hopkins to  He is an undergraduate at a competitive liberal arts university, where he is studying social psychology and group dynamics through choreography. Devon’s insights on collaboration and the use of social media for performing artists is equally relative to visual artists.

When applied correctly, social media is an artist’s most powerful tool for building an audience of admirers and collectors. I’m sure you will find this post helpful for optimizing the success of your social media. …Read more