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Steven Shearer at the Venice Biennale 2011

The National Gallery of Canada presents Vancouver artist, Steven Shearer at the 54th Venice Biennale

Many FAP readers know about the Venice Biennale and what it means to an artist’s career to be selected to exhibit. But for those who are hearing about this event for the first time, I’d like to share news about this years featured artist (and FAP client) Steven Shearer. …Read more

Art Marketing: How will your clients find you online?

Every sixty-seconds hundreds of millions of activities take place on the Internet, making it the most powerful marketing tool in the world. This is the first in a series of updated posts that will discuss strategic locations you could (and should) be marketing your art online.  …Read more

5 Must-See Websites for Creatives

I thought I’d send you my current list of unique web-links for creatives. I hope you find them interesting, informative and inspirational.

As a right-brainer, I’ve always been attracted to visual representations of social issues, studies and information; particularly when attempting to make sense of financial data, statistics or the global economy. While doing my research on consumer trends (for another FAP post), I saw how one company effectively used a graphic (created at to illustrate their point. Unlike the common pie-chart this graph was more like a piece of art—delivering it’s message to the public.

As a graphic artist, I love to see how other creatives take seemingly dry information and turn it into an “art form”. is a website dedicated to the graphical understanding and sharing of such images. Featured in this post, “One Billion Dollar” by Michael Marcovici, makes an incredibly powerful statement. Constructed of actual dollars it really hit home for me. (Now, I’d like to know what one trillion dollars looks like……). In this post, I’ll share four more websites that are sure to keep you organized, inspired and entertained.

…Read more