Why photographers and artists need to join Google+. Are you missing out?

If you’re a visual artist and you’re not on G+ you’re really missing out. You may not know this but Google+ has one of the largest (and fasted growing) communities for photographers and artists. I feel so at home there, it’s almost like Google designed this platform just for creatives and small business people.

Reasons to Join G+: Aside from the obvious—like marketing your work—on G+ you’ll find some of the most talented, generous and authentic photographers in the industry. Sharing is a key component of G+, so there’s lots of opportunities to share advice and receive feedback on your work. There are daily photo submissions, Live Hangouts, shared recorded Hangouts of popular events and seminars, plus on-going opportunities to network, share ideas and find inspiration.

How I use Google+: I use G+ to meet and share with interesting people inside my industry. I love that G+ allows me to sort my contacts using “Circles”. So I can see, share or follow a specific group of people by a circle I set up  e.g. fine art, photography, galleries, Canadian artists, etc. I also use the Hangout (type of chat room) feature for company meetings, brainstorming and daily face-to-face-time with my colleagues.

Google+ recently added “Communities” and new place to mingle with like-minder creatives, find mentors, share ideas and advice. I’ve posted several requests for referrals and received valuable input from my communities, often within a few minutes!  If PR is what you’re looking for from G+, join some of the communities listed in this article “14 Google+ Communities for PR…”

I encourage you to give it a try. A good way to build some friends fast is to contribute to one or all of the daily photo themes. G+ Member +Viktor Elizarov  has created a comprehensive list here.

A couple other Interesting people I’m following on G+

+ Guy Kawasaki, author of “What the Plus?” Guide to using G+

+ Trey Ratcliff, www.stuckincustoms.com

+ Darren Rowse, digital-photography-school.com and problogger.net.

Communities I’ve Joined

The Photo Community, Building a CompanySurreal Fine Art & Conceptual Portraiture and Design For The Modern World. You can find me and search for other people in G+ by using the “+” sign in front of their name, eg. +Karen Somerville.

Not interested in a personal page, set up a Google+ Business Page

Find step-by-step details here

Guides for setting up G+ for business

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So what are you waiting for?

It’s easy! Follow this link to an article “6 Steps to Getting Started on Google”.