Exhibit-it.com an Alternative Art Exhibition Space

Exhibit-it is a game changer for artists looking for new ways to gain exposure for their art.

After 20 years working with artists we’ve learned that it takes time for a career to blossom, and to find a gallery to represent your art. But finding an exhibition space or a gallery to represent and exhibit your work isn’t easy for the emerging or the established artist.

A rise in real estate prices and an uneasy economy  have made gallery ownership tricky/risky business. It’s not just the private sector that’s struggling, local governments and non-profit groups are also struggling to find financing for public spaces and artist-run galleries.

You don’t have to go digging far into forums and group discussions to hear artist concerns about the lack of venues available for exhibiting their work. Popular questions such as:

“How do emerging artists find galleries to exhibit their art?”

“Why are there no exhibition opportunities?

“Help, I can’t find a gallery to exhibit my art?”

With fewer exhibit spaces becoming available, and a steady crop of graduating artists joining the current mix of established artists, there’s a problem looking for a solution.

In response to the need for alternative art exhibition spaces, artists are embracing new methods for gaining exposure for their work: online gallery spaces, virtual art shows and art exhibiting using video to name a few.

“Be Everywhere” is the catch-phrase used by our new art exhibition platform called Exhibit-it. Recently coming out of private beta, Exhibit-it offers artists an opportunity to create virtual solo art exhibits and share them using the power of video. Exhibits are curated by the artist using Exhibit-it’s image uploader, then they are organized to tell a story and finally published to the internet as HD video. Exhibit-it has the tools for artists to share their video art exhibit with their social networks, including Vimeo and Youtube.

Video is more likely to be shared on social networks than text, making Exhibit art shows accessible to every person, and viewable on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Maximum exposure to art enthusiasts and art dealers is the promise of Exhibit-it and it’s innovative approach to art marketing.

Take a stroll through the Exhibit-it galleries and explore new and interesting art shows.  “It’s FREE!”

Learn how you can get you art exhibiting on Exhibit-it.