How to Safely Ship Artwork

Take every precaution to ensure your artwork arrives safely to it’s destination by using proper packaging.

We recommend  contracting a professional art shipper who will build your art a crate) or purchasing a Masterpak or AirFloat art shipping box. Shipping containers are engineered to protect your art while in transit both ways. Shipping boxes can be used over and over again, so don’t let the initial cost dissuade you.

With the proper packaging in place your artwork should survive a national postal carrier (such as Canada Postal Express Mail) or a business courier such as FedEx, UPS or DHL.

More tips for shipping your art

• Ship art unframed without glass or matting. If you are shipping art to a customer, budget for plexi instead of glass. Expect to pay about 10% more for plexi-glass over regular glass).

• Leave canvas art on stretch bars (in the case of a shipping box), or send un-stretched in a heavy-weight shipping tube (a minimum 6″ diameter).

• Do not ship paper, photographs or canvas artworks tightly bound or curled with an elastic.

• Protect artwork on paper by placing between archival sleeving (“Glaccine” paper) and then sealing it between two substrates such as 1/2″ thick cardboard (or foam board) prior to packing.

Tip: Cut each piece of cardboard on a different bias to prevent the card from being bent.

• Mark the outside of your carton “NON-CONVEYABLE” to ensure proper handling and avoidance of automated handling equipment.

• For originals and high-value artworks, consider using FedEx’s White Glove Service. It’s also a good idea to purchase the additional insurance with the carrier.

• Read the fine print in your shippers insurance policy. Many will only replace your art if “lost”, not damaged. Take caution that the replacement is for the value of the artwork, not the “materials used” (eg. new canvas and paint or  a roll of film).

• Ask your insurance company for extra insurance of your originals while they are in transit. *

If you are unsure about any aspect of packing or shipping your artwork on route to Fidelis Art Prints, please call us at 1-888-872-4409 for assistance.

* Please note that Fidelis is not responsible for receipt of artworks that arrive damaged. Originals are insured only while in our care during their time in production.

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