Fred Herzog – Paris Photo Los Angeles

Fred Herzog / Martin Elder – Equinox Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015 took place at Paramount Pictures Studios from May 1-3rd and hosted 79 leading galleries and art book dealers from 17 countries world-wide. This year Fidelis clients, Fred Herzog and Martin Elder exhibited under the Equinox Gallery banner. The gallery exhibited artworks by Marten Elder (b. 1986, USA) and Fred Herzog (b. 1930, Germany). Fred Herzog uses Kodachrome film at a time when street colour photography was neither common nor popular. Marten Elder works with digital colour photographs that reconsider the way that images are captured in light of digital and technological developments. The central motifs in both artists’ oeuvres are street scenes 28 PARIS PHOTO – LOS ANGELES and the observation of light and its effect on colour.

While Elder and Herzog come from diametrically different generations and photographic practices, both are intrinsically driven to pushing for autonomy within the technological developments of the photographic medium. Both artists capture candid urban moments using photographic mediums that modify rather than duplicate the world’s colors, producing unusually lush and intense hues from unexpected sources.

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