John M. Horton

Reflective Passage“Properly Painted & Technically Accurate…”

These words were used to describe the first paintings accepted by the Royal Society of Marine Artists on behalf of John M. Horton. This inspired the young artist to pursue the path of many fine British marine artists. With a life-long passion for the sea and naval service behind him, John painted his beloved subject. As a keen sailor living in the famous port of Poole in the U.K., his subject matter was always at hand. Supported and encouraged by his artist friend Vic Barber, John style developed and matured.

On arriving in Canada in 1964 it was not long before his works were being SOLD through Vancouver’s finest galleries. The atmosphere and history of Canada’s West Coast seemed to provide the perfect ground for his skill to flourish. The hard working tugs and fishing fleet appealed to him and to this day professional mariners from these industries treasure his work. Though John continues to paint the modern scene that we see around us, he is equally capable of losing himself in the colourful historyof the West Coast.

John’s first love is creating canvases that depict the exploits of the early explorers and record day to day life in our ports as they knew it. He handles the changing moods of high noon to sunset and the enchantment of a scene bathed in moonlight. From a full Atlantic gale with a naval corvette bearing the full misery of its lot, to a graceful liner in peace, he is often called “a mariner’s artist”.

John is never more happy than when a professional mariner makes favourable comments; to him this is the true test of his work. Asked what drives him, John explains that he attempts to evoke an atmosphere to recreate or revive a memory that transports viewers to a place they have been or a place they would like to be.

A true mariner at heart, John assists the Canadian Lifeboat Institution and his own vessel, Artist’s Life , is on call to perform marine rescues.

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