Scan Calculator

Scan pricing is based on the total file size of your order, which is determined by┬áthe quantity, image resolution, and final output dimensions. There is a minimum $40 scan fee, which accounts for approximately a 16″x20″ RGB file at 300dpi.

How to Use Our Scan Calculator?

All scan pricing is based on the same cost per MegaByte (MB), so it doesn’t matter what type of original you have. The total file size of your scan(s) is used to determine the appropriate price break (see table below form). Please understand that this calculator is for estimating only. If you require a firm quote, please call or email.

1. Enter the quantity of scans desired. The price breaks start at $0.50/MB and go down accordingly as your volume increases.

2. Enter the resolution and the output dimensions desired. The optimal resolution for fine art printmaking is 300 dpi, though for certain textured media and larger print sizes, a smaller dpi may be considered, ask our production department for there advice.

3. Double-click the CALCULATE button and the pricing information will be displayed below.

3. The TOTAL COSTS reflect the number of scans you indicated + ONE set-up fee. Applicable taxes are not included.

Save Money: If you have more than one scan, a single set-up fee could cover your entire scan order if combined with a print project. Ask us how you can save on your next project!

Scan Information
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Scan Pricing

Based on your final print size and quantity, the total file size in MB is .
Scan Price
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Total Cost

Special Notes: Please ensure that artwork arrives unframed. High gloss and over-sized originals requiring special handling, may be subject to individual surcharges. Cleaning, Dust & Scratch Removal is also not included within the price of your scan. If it is discovered that your images need special attention we will contact you with a quote before we proceed.

Fidelis is happy to keep a copy of your file on system for the purpose or re-orders or printing on-demand. There is no fee for this service. Please note that due to the volume of scans we do every year, we cannot be responsible for the indefinite care of your digital file(s).

We recommend that you keep a copy of your file for safe-keeping. Please provide a USB memory stick or external hard drive at time of order, depending on your total file size. Alternatively, we use a free service by WeTransfer to send digital files online.

Special quotes are still available on larger volume or mixed size orders, so please contact our Customer Service by telephone at 604-872-0088 or email for more details.