Fidelis Liability Policy

Important information about artwork insurance

While every effort is made to ensure your original painting, film or supplied digital file is handled with care while in production at Fidelis, we cannot be held responsible for the loss or any damage that may occur to your property while it is on our site.

Our insurance provider will insure original artwork, provided it has been recently appraised by an established art dealer. Sadly in the case of film, we can only be responsible for replacement of a new roll of film.

If you are supplying a digital file, we ask that you do not bring in your personal hard drives or Shuttle drives that you keep other digital files archived. Please provide a single image (or group of images related to your project) on a DVD or CD.

We are not insured for artwork while it is in transit to-or-from our studio. It is for this reason we do not offer courier service for originals. Please review your business insurance to make sure your artwork is covered during transportation and while it is in production off your site.