5 Ways to Get your Art Noticed on the Internet

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You don’t need to lots of money to start creating an audience for your artwork.  We’ve made a list of six killer ways to attract attention to your artwork and build your brand. I guarantee they are well worth your efforts. And the good news—most of them are FREE!—but they will cost you some time and advance preparation.

1/ Build a Facebook Fan Page

Your Facebook Fan Page should be used strictly for your professional announcements, a photo album of your artwork (let’s call it a simplified portfolio), a list of exhibitions and events you are in or attending. On a Fan Page, your friends are your “fans”. Use your personal Facebook page to ask your friends and family to become a “Fan” and to subscribe to your page and share it with their friends….you see where I am going here… Every time you post a new piece of artwork, your Fans will be informed and can share it with their friends. This word of mouth technique is perfect for building a contact list for future show announcements, print sales, studio tours, etc.

2/ Stay active on Instagram or Twitter

Instagram and Twitter provide another great opportunity to keep in touch with your audience. By regularly posting images and small tidbits of information, you can establish a following that will both support you and share your posts to a much broader audience. In addition, they allow you to stay relevant in the minds of your followers with little to no effort. The times of spending hours writing daily blogs is gone. There are over 1 billion people on Instagram and close to 400 million on Twitter, I guarantee that you’ll find others that share the same interests as well as you might just get inspired along the way.

3/ Get Linkedin

Linkedin is a business networking site. Don’t be intimidated by the CEO’s and corporate listings. Linkedin operates much like a “Wikipedia” for business people. You are in the art business and should take advantage of the free listing. Even if it is just your contact information and website listing. Should someone ever do a  search for you on Google, they will be sure to find you on Linkedin.

4/ Create a Website

If you do not already have a website, it’s time you start thinking about getting one. It’s not essential, but creating an online portfolio provides you with a more in-depth way of showcasing your artwork. It allows you to curate your past and present works into a series of themes and/or categories. The beauty of a portfolio website is that you can make changes as often as you like, from wherever you are. No need for waiting for your web designer to update your most recent artwork.

5/ Connect with an Online Art Community

Join and follow an online art group. Being active in your local/regional art community is good business, fun and free. Share your knowledge with other artists and reap the benefits. There are several outlets that allow artists to connect, share, inspire, encourage and learn from each other. This type of networking helps position you inside your peer group, medium, or creative focus. Most groups allow you to post an image, and allow you to receive comments about your work. Be sure to post your bio, contact information, links to your personal website and announcements for exhibitions and events that you’re participating in.

In Summary

Become a fan of other artists’ Facebook pages, comment on their Instagram and Twitter posts, and be sure to always provide a link to your website when you comment. Commenting on other artists work is one of the best ways to stay active in a community. You will both benefit from commenting—Google’s search engine loves to see activity on sites, this will boost your’s and their organic listings.

Building your brand and creating a web presence while driving buyers to your website are critical components to every artist’s marketing and sales plan.

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