Our Roots in the Industry

A team of experienced artisans and technicians with a long history serving the art community

In 1992, the owners of Fidelis Art Prints Inc. began working together for Vancouver’s premier photo-imaging lab, Gamma Pro Imaging (Gamma). Gamma was well known for staying on the leading edge of technology and for building long term business relationships with leading artists, photographers, museums, motion picture firms and corporations. In 2003, the archival inkjet printmaking and imaging department at Gamma became known Gamma Editions—a name that better reflected its focus on fine art printmaking.

In 2004, Gamma Editions broke away from the traditional lab when Gamma Pro Imaging Inc. was sold. With this split came a new name—Vancouver Imageworks (VI). VI adopted a mandate to educate artists about the new printmaking technology (archival inkjet) and expanded it’s services to include digital printmaking seminars, workshops and an artist gallery.

In 2006, with the help of Didax Design Group, Vancouver Imageworks was rebranded to Fidelis Art Prints Inc., offering its fine printmaking services under the name FIDELIS Printmaking. With the new brand came the FidelityArt™ print, a commitment to image quality and permanence and our “10-Year Limited Warranty”.

With the launch of their first branded art collection in 2008, Fidelis became a fine art publisher. Today Fidelis Art Prints publishes hundreds of artworks under its own branded collections, or by its independent artist publishers.

Fidelis Art Prints continues to be an owner operated company, comprised of the same team members that worked together at Gamma Pro Imaging over ten years ago (Jan Hynek, Alan Somerville and Karen Somerville).

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