5 Great Ways to Follow Fidelis

There are 5 main ways to keep up to date with art marketing tips and community happenings at the Fidelis Community.

1. Join the Fidelis Art Prints Community

For those wanting to receive regular blog updates as well as contribute to the community, this is the best option for you. By choosing this option, you will start receiving a series of follow-ups showing you the way around our new site. In addition to this introduction, our Fidelis Newsletter will be periodically sent out to you with exclusive promotions only available to subscribers. Come join our community NOW!

2. Follow Our RSS Feed

For those wanting to ONLY receive regular blog updates, you can follow us via our RSS feed. Bookmark it or simply add it to your news reader and you’ll get a notification every time something new is published on Fidelis Art Prints.

3. Receive Our RSS Feed by Email

For those of you who want the RSS feed delivered to your email program, you can subscribe to it by leaving your email address in the following field and confirming your subscription when you get asked to do so.

4. Follow Us on Facebook

For those of you who live in Facebook, you can become a fan of our Facebook page and receive news from Fidelis Art Prints and other artists within the Facebook community.

5. Follow Us on Flickr

For those of you who are primarily interested in our Art Collections, all of our collections can also be found on Flickr. More detailed information about the collections can be found at Fidelis.