iphoneography: New Artform, Artist Tool or Fad?

Can (or should) you use your iphone for creating art? Is it a tool or just a phone? Tell us what you think after you read this post.

In this post, learn why artists are embracing the iphone. Get some great links to iphoneography galleries and applications (apps), See why this tiny device is soon to become a must-have for every artist.

Leading artists and photo-enthusiasts have added the iphone to their tool-kit. They are producing astounding results that at are worth your attention and . . . . . exhibition worthy.

All photographs serve as a record of a time and space, that will never reoccur again—that’s pretty powerful when you think about it.

The iphone (all camera phones for that matter) have changed our world by providing a portable and (quite affordable) means for collecting digital images of the world, as it happens.

Put this camera into the hands of an artist and it becomes an amazing creative tool.

Seattle-based professional photographer, Chase Jarvis refers to his camera phone as a creative tool for finding inspiration, documenting life and telling stories. His celebrity and enthusiasm for the iphone camera, has brought “camera phone imagery” to a popular social media and gained massive media attention. Chase even published what may be the first book of iphoneography, “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You: iPhone”, which is a hot seller on Amazon. To learn more about “The Best Camera: iphone app, book and community” follow this link.

As an artistic tool, the iphone comes with a vast selection of digital applications to tweak your photographs. Over 2,000 apps are available for adding filters, photoshop actions, cropping, managing tone, texture and density.

“The iphone is the photographer’s 2nd best friend”, says fashion photographer Lisa Bettany, who is also the co-producer of the popular “Camera+” iphone app. In this recent post, Lisa shares how you can use your iphone as a multi-purpose tool for all photography projects. Lisa makes some really practical suggestions and I can see a future where all visual artists will use an iphone inside their fine art practice.

Here’s my list of the interesting iphoneography related sites that left me inspired and looking at the iphone in a whole new way.

Galleries and iphoneography Groups

Flickr Group




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mostlylisa.com (also shown in this post’s photos)

Come back and let me know what you think of iphoneography!  Include a link to your own iphoneography artwork!