Canadian Sport Heroes Collection

A select group of athletes have changed the face of sport in Canada forever. Olympic medallists, world champions, fierce competitors — they have competed for our country, they have won with pride and lost with dignity. Through their efforts they have proven that sport can capture the imaginations of an entire country — and often the entire world.

The collection consists of two growing series of Olympic heroes portraits and Olympic sport themed paintings. The collection was commissioned by the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary and will ensure a lasting tribute to our sport heroes. For information about the artist, see the feature on Gordon Milne.

They deserve to be remembered.

For more information about purchasing, please contact Alan here at Fidelis or Nadine at CASA Publishing for more details.

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Sport Heroes Collection:

Available in three design options (exact sizes vary depending on format of original):

Full Size:

Sizes: ranging from 48″ x 58″, 48″ x 62″, and 48″ x 68″

Medium Size:

Size: 27.68″ x 30″, 23.22″ x 30″, and 21.16″ x 30″

Small Size:

Size: 13.85″ x 15″, 11.61″ x 15″, and 10.59″ x 15″

Sport Legacy:

Also available in three design options:

Full Size:

Sizes: 33″ x 43″

Medium Size:

Size: 23″ x 30″

Small Size:

Size: 11.5″ x 15″

Media: Archival pigment on canvas, gallery wrapped and ready to hang.
* Framing options available.

Accompanied by a Fidelis Certificate of Authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist.