How to Promote Your Art Using Facebook

21st Century Art Marketers have Facebook Pages

You may already be using Facebook or you have likely heard about it. But did you know that over 200,000,000+ people log onto Facebook each day?  Of the 400,000,000+ people who are Facebook users, each user has over 60 pages they are connected. FB users share their favourite Pages with their friends, who share with their friends, etc. etc.  News spreads fast inside these networks. Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook users were spreading the news about your art?

If you’re not promoting your art using Facebook, you are missing out on the best opportunity to build a loyal following of your art. “Facebook’s not for me” you say? —Come’on, it’s free, easy and it’s proven effective. Need some more convincing. . . . ?

The objective of your Facebook FanPage is to build fans of your art and increase your brand awareness. Your Fans want to know what you are up to, where you are showing your art and when they can see it exhibited next.  Fans become followers of your art and have strong potential to become collectors of your art.
Building a Facebook Fan Page provides several other advantages:

• A steady flow of traffic to your website

• Help with building relationships with your target audience

• Establishes you as a serious artist

• Provides another place for search engines to find you

• Offers a secondary stream for your Blog (you can add your blog posts to your Fan Page) and drive traffic to your blog

• Creates a place for Feedback. Your Facebook page offers an opportunity for your Fans to comment on your art

• Provides a casual environment for you to interact (connect) with admirers of your art

You may already have a “Personal” Facebook Profile? If so, we suggest that you separate your personal profile from the business of marketing your artwork. This will help with your professional appearance and allow you to keep personal posts about family and friends private.

Do: Encourage your friends and family to become “Fans” of your Fan Page—who better to help you spread the word about upcoming shows and new projects!

Speaking of fans, I am a big fan of Pat Flynn at Pat writes great articles about marketing using social media and has a proven record for selling his products. I like the way Pat uses video to educate his readers, I encourage you to see his “How to set up a Facebook Fan Page” video on YouTube. Pat explains how to do build your own FB Page including how to build a FB Landing Page (very important).

I’m also a fan of art marketing guru, Alyson Stanfield at Here’s a link to her post “Start a Fan Page” . This post discusses the value of a Facebook Fan page along with step-by-step instructions to get you started right away.

Once you have your Facebook Fan page built, take the time to read this post by Naomi Trower at www.Social Naomi has a bundle of great ideas for marketing and driving traffic to your new Facebook Page. Pour yourself a coffee and spend some more time at the Social Media Examiner, they have a tone of expert advice and will guide you through the “Social Media Jungle”.

Facebook is here to stay—why not embrace the opportunity to share your art with the largest growing audience in the world?

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