Flickr: Art Marketing and Image Management All-In-One

Flickr is the webs most powerful tool for photo sharing. But for artists Flickr is so much more.

Flickr makes image cataloguing easy and provides a unique way of marketing artwork to a massive audience—all for FREE!

In this post, I’m going to share my research about Flickr and explain why you should add Flickr to your art marketing arsenal.

Why Artists Should Be Using Flickr

1. Easily Catalogue and Store Your Images at Flickr

Since it’s inception in 2004, painters and photo-based fine artists have taken advantage of uploading, cataloging and sharing their images at Flickr. Why? Because it is easy, free and fun.

• A Flickr gallery can be set up in as little as 10 minutes. A free membership gets you up to 100MB worth of photos per month, or two 90 second videos (think demos, studio tours…). This is more than enough to build a smart gallery of artwork.

• A Pro Flickr account can be purchased for $24.95USD. This gets you unlimited uploads (from anywhere) making it a great back-up to your archives. Once you upload your images you can sort your artworks by sets and galleries; tag them with keywords/dates/locations and your cataloging is complete. This price betters almost any other alternative for image hosting or online gallery.

* TIP: If you are uploading high res images (anything over 2 MB can be easily reproduced without your permission), be sure to limit your download preferences accordingly or embed a copyright watermark.

2. Use Flickr to Reach Potential Art Buyers

In 2009, Flickr boasted that its inventory contained over 4 billion images, that’s over 1 billion per year! It’s no wonder that thousands of visitors (Flickr members) take pleasure in touring the Flickr image bank. They select “favorites” and curate (by building/collecting) Flickr “theme galleries”. They do this by searching keywords, colour, locations, themes and so forth.

These image-enthusiasts can share their favourites and galleries with friends, join Flickr groups, add their galleries to Groups of galleries. Flickr has a community of people, who love to look at the world through imagery!

As a visual artist, this means your artwork could end up in hundreds of personal galleries and become favourites to thousands of people worldwide. This kind of popularity could easily lead to commissions and can point potential buyers to your website.

3. Market Your Art with Flickr

It’s Social Media Friendly

I love that Flickr is supported by WordPress. We feed our Flickr gallery right into the Fidelis Collection, this keeps things fresh and new images can be included daily. Same applies to Facebook, making our Flickr galleries available to all our friends, colleagues, and Fans. Using Flickr to cross-market between all our social media platforms is a real asset.

Keywording and Tagging is a Snap

Flickr was designed to organize images by way of “tags”. To fully utilize Flickr upload your artwork images, tag them with keywords or phrases, descriptive copy, pricing and be sure to geo-tag them to a specific location (if applicable).

Protect and Promote Your Imagery

Flickr encourages you to specify your copyright designation, such as “All Rights Reserved”. Other options include entering your images into the Creative Commons (CC), which allows for limited, restricted use of your art/images. Read the fine print on the CC to be sure you are making the correct designation. If your photography includes models or people, without model releases use “All Rights Reserved”. This will keep your art/photograph from being used without your knowledge or without compensation.

4. Other Great Ways Artists Can Use Flickr

• Research other artists and artworks. Search by themes, colour, genre or location.

• Add a bio page to your Flickr Gallery, include links to your website, dealer and pricing.

• Join a Flickr art community. Build relationships with other artists in your home town or internationally.

• Upload videos of you “at work” in your studio, exhibition, or on location working.

• Use the Flickr iphone app to upload your photographic images from anywhere. Because sometimes the best images come from the only camera you have with you—your phone.

Modern artist websites, blogs and image libraries MUST offer the ability to have their artwork interact with their audience in order to be successful. Flickr offers this and so much more for professional artists. Take the Flickr Tour and tell me what you think?

Thanks for reading!

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