How to Get Accepted Into a Juried Art Show: Submission Tips to Help Your Art Standout

It’s time to get geared-up for fall art events, including juried art shows. Juried (and non-juried) shows provide fabulous exposure of your work and an excellent way to make direct contact with potential art buyers.

They also provide an opportunity to sell work and gain valuable commissions. However, participating and getting accepted for a juried show requires that you plan ahead and show your professionalism.

Juried art shows are extremely competitive, mostly because the floor space is usually limited and the advertising that comes with the show is expensive (and limited). It’s the juries job to weed out the weaker entries and maintain the overall quality of work at the event. This means you need to make a stunning impression with your application—or you’ll miss out! In this post, learn key submission tips to help your artwork get accepted.

Key Submission Tips When Applying to a Juried Art Show

Image Preparation

Create the highest quality images you can afford. Because the jury will not see your originals, it is the utmost importance that the photographic representation of your work fully capture the dynamic reality of the original. Correct lighting, proper exposure and technical expertise are a must. If you do not have the equipment to do the job properly hire a professional photographer.

* TIP: Always send a printed, high quality, hardcopy (e.g. a contact sheet) of your images along with the CD/DVD of your digital files. Be sure to label and title your digital files EXACTLY as the prospectus outlines.

Plan ahead and submit early

Put the submission deadline in your calendar and work backward to guarantee enough time to prepare the documentation neatly and completely. Leave time to call the sponsor about any questions you may have. Some advance planning may be needed to write descriptions of your work or describe your process. Once you have completed the application, read it over several times to avoid errors and double-check that you have not missed anything.

* TIP: Keep your written descriptions as clear as possible. Avoid using techy terminology and try to discuss your art in a way that the jury will understand and connect with your work.

For a thorough guide on how to prepare your submission to a juried show, please read Top Ten Tips for Getting Into a Juried Exhibition” by author, Harriete Estel Berman. This is a fabulous and very detailed guide that will shed light on the process. It’s a great resource for artists interested in applying to juried shows, contests and awards.

We’d love to hear about any tactics you used to help your art submission stand above the others. Please share with our other readers by commenting.

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