How to Calculate the Cost of Printing Your Artwork

Project estimating . . . If you are like most artists, you fret this part of the art business—mostly due to the fact that it requires number crunching, endless phone calls to suppliers, return emails and in the end a spreadsheet. If you don’t do the delicate math you might find yourself with no profit at the end of the day—or worse losing money at the end of your art project.

To make it easier for planning your print projects Fidelis offers two online Price Calculators, and since you might not work 9-5, they are available 24/7/356 to suit your busy schedule.

Our Scanning Calculator and the Printing/Finishing Calculator are conveniently located in our Printmaking section and now through links on our home page.

I am using the word “estimating” with intention. For those of you that have been through the task of estimating a print project (big or small), you know that there are lots of unforeseen details and surprises that show up during a job, so please use these calculators as “estimators”.

Fidelis Price Calculators will give you a price snap shot of your project costs. What they won’t give you is an accurate cost for a volume-based project, shipping, rush services or specialty mounting. For this we happily offer our new and regular clients complimentary (free, with no obligation) 30 min. project consultations. For long distant consultations, we can also be reached through iChat (fidelisart:MobileMe) or Skype (fidelisart).

We strongly suggest that you take us up on consulting over your art project. (Don’t worry, we’ll keep your creative ideas secret.) We promise to help you with selecting the best print media for your images, develop a reasonable production timeline and create an accurate budget for your project. If you are planning a volume order, we’ll help you save money by suggesting alternative media and show you how to maximize the media width on a large format printer.

Planning your fine art print project is part of the creative process. It should be interesting, stress-free, and an overall great experience.

We’d love to hear from you, by email, phone or in person. Drop-in’s are welcome, but please call ahead to book your appointment. If we are working to a deadline or have another consultation in progress, we may have to take your name and number and call you right back. We appreciate your patience. We respect everyones time and deadlines and your business is important to us. Give us a call at 604-872-0088 or toll free at 1-888-872-4409.

To help you get started today, please read through our 8 Simple Steps to Printmaking With Fidelis.

We look forward to working with you.


Jan, Alan and Karen