The Secret to Selling More Art is Market Domination: Be Everywhere

As an artist you know how competitive it is to find a dealer, get accepted to a juried show or stand-out in a crowd of artists at an art event. Selling your art has never been more competitive, so what do you do?

You need to dominate your market!

These days it’s not enough to have a website and a portfolio tucked under your arm. You need to have a multi-faceted marketing strategy that defines you as a high profile, talented, international artist “someone to be watched”. It must allow your fans (your potential buyers) and industry professionals to find you where they most feel comfortable.

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Start dominating your market and sell more art!

Some old fashion types may say that it’s a waste of time buying into social media, in fact it’s quite the opposite. By creating a place for your potential customers to find you—you are saving the time it takes to find them.

- Food for thought -