Hot Business Card Ideas for Artists + Content Tips from Marketing Pro’s

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We’ve reviewed our recent web stats and learned that many of you art marketers are looking for design ideas for your art business cards. So in perfect pairing with my earlier post this week about becoming a “Networking Ninja”, I though I would treat you to some hot business card ideas, plus new tips on business card content and a surprise business card idea at the end of this post.

These finds were selected from my new favorite online resource for artists, and a great free place to host your portfolio— “”. Please use this fabulous resource to get in contact with any of the talented designers shown below.

Hot business card ideas that are sure to inspire you.

By Denis Olenik

By Kuro Interative

By Philip Lester

By Jared Nickerson

By Groundwave Design Group


By Kristina Miletieva

By Anna Himes

By Albert Polyakov

By Jessica Hische

By Jordan Puopolo

By Lily Erwin

Okay, so you have a design idea.

Now, what exactly do you put on your card?

Here’s what the marketing pro’s are saying:

Designer and brand identity guru, David Airey says the #1 priority is “clearly shown contact information”, saying “too often contact information is lost in the over-indulgence of colour and illegible typefaces”. Seen below in one of his designs “clean, clear and creative”.

Alex Mandossian from Productive Strategies has some great ideas mentioned in this YouTube video post “

What I learned from this video was to:

• Always include a picture of you or your art

• Include a headline: “Visit my online portfolio”, or “See my work at XYZ Gallery”

• Not to include your home address. Instead use a PO Box or offer your studio address

• Include your phone number. Be sure it goes to a 24 hour voice mail, that answers your top 5 frequently asked questions. Such as: “Studio hours, Do you do commissions, where do you exhibit your work”, and soforth.

• Always include a “Call to Action”. Such as “Come to my next show, see my website for upcoming exhibitions” or “Call me to discuss a commissioned project—it’s free”.

Forget your cards often. . . . . somehow they’re always in the wrong jacket.

Here’s my surprise link to a video post by social networking consultant, Garret Pierson. Garret talks about his use of an electronic business card. I love Garret’s idea—and that I have my business card with me always (by using my iphone) and that I can multi-task and update my contact list at the same time. This is a must-do idea!

Remember, when you give a card ask for one in return (or at least enter that persons name into your iphone or mobile phone contact list. This will provide you with the opportunity to follow-up.

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