Spotlight on Artist Fred Herzog, “Pioneer of Color Photography”

If you happen to be following the talented photographer, Fred Herzog, you know that his success in the art world has been a long time in the making.

From the photographer who came into our film lab almost two decades ago, to the acclaimed international artist he is today, we continue to have the privilege of working with this interesting and great man.

Having already been active in the local art scene, things got really exciting for Fred when he reached a career milestone in 2007. Fred’s work was selected for a solo exhibition, “Vancouver Photographs” at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG), (the VAG is the fifth largest Gallery in Canada).

“Vancouver Photographs” exhibited one hundred and fifty photographs of Fred’s and holds numerous records for gallery attendance. (That’s us with Fred on the Opening Night! We were all very excited.)

Immediately following the VAG exhibition, Fred was picked up by local art dealer, Andy Sylvestor, at Equinox Gallery, who continues to represent his work. Located in Fred’s hometown (Vancouver, Canada) Equinox Gallery is where you will find the largest collection of Fred Herzog photographs.

With the help of a well-established rep, Fred’s work began exhibiting and selling worldwide. Since 2007 he has exhibited at:

La Galerie du Château d’Eau, Toulouse, France (solo)

Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France (solo)

TrepanierBaer Gallery, Calgary, AB (solo)

Laurence Miller Gallery, New York, NY (solo)

Master printmaker, Jan Hynek continues to work closely with Fred on all of his art projects saying, “I work under Fred’s guidance to re-master every image (most from 35mm Kodachrome film) to meet his specifications for printing digitally. It’s a process that can take up to 3 hours per image to complete”.

Once printed, Fred takes part in the labour intensive process of inspecting each piece before he signs his name.

There are rumours of two up-incoming shows for Fred in 2011. If you can’t wait till then (and you have some Airmiles to burn) Fred’s current exhibition “Pioneer of Color” at the C/O Berlin, Germany is receiving rave reviews.

As described in the C/O press text:

“Life may be colorful, but black-and-white photography is more realistic—or so it was said. For many years, color photography was considered an inferior and not particularly valuable medium. Classic black-and-white photography was undisputed in the art world, but artistic color photography was supposedly banal and amateurish, a commercial medium for dilettantes.

In the early 1950s, Fred Herzog began to revolutionize established viewing habits and existing orthodoxies. As a pioneer of color photography, he developed a profound visual sensibility for the ostensibly inconsequential. His subject matter included Vancouver streets, supermarkets, gas stations, bars, urban and natural landscapes—and again and again, people in their environments, visualizing the highs and lows of the (North) American dream.
C/O Berlin presents the first German exhibition of 80 photographs by Fred Herzog. A catalog accompanying the exhibition is published by Hatje Canz.”

In this coming year, I plan on including more posts featuring inspiring and talented artists. I hope you enjoyed this story about Fred—and that you are inspired to create great art knowing that dreams do come true.

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Images shown, compliments of the artist and Equinox Gallery.

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