Goal Setting for Artists: Make this your year to do something big!

Gain control over your future by putting some goal setting into practice. Establishing goals is the best way to stay focussed, be motivated and launch your art business to new heights.

In this post, learn about the power of goal setting and why your art business can’t live without it.

Practicing what we preach

We’ve been practicing the art of goal setting for over 15 years. The desire to “create” something new each year has really contributed to the success of our art business and our personal lives.

At this moment we are building our wish-list of goals for Fidelis Art Prints. Our goals will include future plans for the printmaking studio, the art marketing blog, our art publishing division and professional development. This isn’t done all higgly-piggly. We take into account how each goal will effect our time, productivity and our need for balance between work and home. At Fidelis, with three partners, we’ll have a meeting later in the month to compare notes and ideas, then really hammer out a “Goal Plan” for the upcoming year.

By keeping our written plan on the wall in the office we have a constant reminder to stay focussed on the “big picture” and not get distracted by other opportunities. Even the notes from our brainstorming session remain in clear site on our message/art board in the studio and stuck to binders and note pads. There’s no escaping “The Plan”.

We also make time throughout the year to monitor our short term goals and help each other out in order to stay on track.

Goal setting is something we do every year, we make the time, because we know it works. I’m really excited about how this year’s planning is coming along—it’s going to be another great year!

Getting Started with Goal Setting

As you know, I’m always on the look out for great art business resources—everything and anything to help your art business run effortlessly (and get you back in the studio or behind the camera). I’ve struck gold this time and found two great articles to help you with your Goal Setting. (Note: Click title of post for hot link).

“Personal Goal Setting: Planning to Live Your Life Your Way” .

www.mindtools.com shares an easy to follow step-by-step approach to goal planning. Mind Tools is also full of tips, tools and articles about creativity, productivity and self-motivation.

Tip: Start with taking inventory of what you accomplished last year. Then do some exploring/research to see what other artist are working on.

For example: The art scene is buzzing with new exhibitions—this is the perfect time to see what other artists are creating and how they are presenting and marketing their work. See what “is possible” and be inspired!

“Strength in Numbers With Goal Setting”

Successful blogger and online entrepreneur, Pat Flynn at www.smartpassiveincome.com discusses the power behind “quantitative goal setting”. Learn how Pat uses goal setting to grow his company (and his six figure income).

It’s time to launch your art business to new heights

Goal setting might look like a lot of work, but without a “Goal Plan” your business will lack the focus it needs to be successful. This is your year to do something really big with your art! Make the time, do the work (it’s not really that difficult). You and your art business will benefit from the effort.

Thank you to Pat and to the folks at Mind Tools for sharing their knowledge and tools about Goal Setting. I hope you find these new resources helpful and are excited about the “possibilities” the new year brings.

So what are you waiting for? Make this your year to do something really big! Get started now!

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