Colour Trends 2011/12. Why Artist’s Should Care

Video storyboard for 2011 colour inspiration.

Sell more art by creating imagery that includes current interior design colour trends

Experts have released their 2011/12 colour predictions for interior design and home décor. Colour trends effect how professional designers and average consumers choose art for their walls. Pay attention to these trends and your art business will bloom.

Colour trends are based on observations of the world around us, taking into consideration social issues, technology, lifestyles and the moods and aspirations of consumers. It is from this information that colour experts such as, Pantone and Benjamin Moore, forecast colours palettes that will most appeal to the consumers during a time period.

Why do new colour trends matter to visual artists?

Interior designers work from these Colour Trend palettes to decor or refresh homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. If your art is not colour-trend conscious it may not be suitable this years decor.

Home décor enthusiasts are strongly influenced by what they see and read in interior design magazines. If your style and colour palette can’t be found in the pages of top home décor magazines, your art will be less desirable.

Store merchandisers are busy repainting window vignettes with the newest and trendiest of colours and furnishing it with art that suits the colour palette.

Due to the hefty costs associated with creating reproductions, art publishers will only accept artworks that have mass consumer appeal. If you plan on licensing your art for reproductions, colour and design trends will be a factor in getting your art pick-up by an art publisher.

If you plan on selling your artwork to the interior design industry or to retailers marketing to home décor enthusiasts take note of the various colour forecasts for 2011/12.

Here’s what the experts are saying about Colour Trends for 2011/12:


Pantone publishes their colour forecasts bi-annually, 18-24 months ahead of the season. Advance notice is very helpful for planning releases of your work and in the creative planning of new work. Pantone is the established authority on colour world-wide. Minding their expert predictions will provide you with the confidence that your work will appeal to more than one geographic market. (That’s really important if you are marketing and selling through an online retailer that ships world-wide).

Wonder (Winter 2011/12): The Wonder of science and what it allows us to become; the wonder of fantasy and how it allows us to explore; the wonder of rediscovery and how it allows us to slow down.

Bridges (Spring/Summer 2012): Bridges contemplates the idea of bridges as a metaphor for examining the patterns of life, the environment and the imagination. With colors flowing from quiet stillness to full blown intensity, it offers a multitude of surprising and innovative color patterns and combinations, and highlights the important and varied impact that surface material and texture have on color appearance.

Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore has long positioned itself as the authority on colour trends and how they effect decor. They are the leading manufacturer of consumer paint and a favourite to interior designers, architects and developers. They invest thousands of dollars in promoting their brand and colour trends in EVERY design magazine both off line and online positioning them as the leading authority in colour.

Here’s what Benjamin Moore has to say about Colour Trends for 2011/12.

Here’s what interior stylist, Lili Diallo has to say about this years colour trends.

I believe that trend-conscious art has a higher potential of selling. That being said, I don’t believe that you should scrap what you are doing and only create art with trendy colours. Trends change over time and what isn’t trendy today may be next years hot new décor trend. Stick to what you love to create, be patient, the time will come for your art.

I hope you found this article about Colour Trends 2011/12 helpful and that you can put this knowledge to work for your art business.