Friends, Fans and Followers: Learn why your art business must have the F-Factor?

One of the websites I follow is Trendwatching is an independent firm that gathers consumer trends from all over the globe. They email a monthly “Trend Brief” and offer a ton of free information about how & why different demographics are spending their money; and what influences their buying decisions.

I pay particular attention to Macro trends: social, technological and economical trends and how they relate to the “Affluent-Consumer”. Why do I follow trends? Mostly, because the Affluent-Consumer” is the largest consumer of fine art.

Looking for new markets to sell artwork has never been more critical and more difficult. Competition for retail space is limited, tradeshows are expensive (and unpredictable) and there aren’t enough dealers to support every artist. Art marketers need to dig-deep to find new markets and get inside the head of the Affluent-Consumer/Art Buyer.

Now is the time to invest in finding new “Affluents”. To do this efficiently and effectively we will need to take full advantage of the Internet. It’s also important that we maximize our current relationships (past customers, friends and family) in order to make sure that everyone knows about our art. This means full exposure through social media.

. . . . . Enter the 21st Century Art Marketer (21CAM)

The 21CAM needs to focus their marketing efforts on the Internet. They need an effective online presence and a powerful “connectiveness” to art enthusiasts—the kind that can only be achieved by integrating all forms of social media with their traditional sales and marketing strategies.

This months Trend Briefing, discusses how the influence of friends, fans, and followers on consumers’ purchasing decisions continues to become more sophisticated and thus more powerful. They call it the “F-FACTOR”. I recommend you give this article “The F-Factor” a full read, it is very enlightening and will help you in your endeavour to better understand your target audience and how to market to them.

THE F-FACTOR | Consumers are increasingly tapping into their networks of friends, fans, and followers to discover, discuss and purchase goods and services, in ever-more sophisticated ways. As a result, it’s never been more important for brands to make sure they too have the F-FACTOR.

Once you’re finished reading, it’s time to take inventory of your online marketing and social media:

1/ How is your Facebook Fan Page working out? Do you have a Fan Page? If not, follow our FAP post about promoting your art using Facebook and a further link a post by Alyson Stanfield at the showing just how fast and easy it is to do.

2/ Are you “Linkedin”? Linkedin isn’t just for corporate business, it serves as an excellent base for listing your art business, building your name brand, listing past and current exhibitions, your art education and most importantly another place to meet new customers.

3/ Have you Tweet’ed anyone lately? Did you know that Twitter offers the ability to send images. Almost everyone has a smart phone, and what better way to announce the completion of new artwork, a group show or hint about an upcoming studio sale? It’s fast and free!

4/ When did you last update or upgrade your website? Many artists completely forget (or have blocked-out) this task. Likely, because it involves hiring $$$ (or finding) your web guy. Why not build your own website? Create a blog-style website. WordPress and Tumblr are easy to use (even for us right-brainers) and they’re free. There are a bunch of free templates and they can be updated any time from any web browser. Read our FAP post to learn how easy it is to build your own blog-style website.

It’s important to update your social media often (once a day if you can). This should take you about…..15-30 mins.

And last but not least, make sure that all your print materials including your business cards, list all your social media addresses.

Does your business card need a make-over? See our FAP post for some creative business card ideas for artists.

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We look forward to being connected to you! Bye for now.


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