5 Must-See Websites for Creatives

I thought I’d send you my current list of unique web-links for creatives. I hope you find them interesting, informative and inspirational.


As a right-brainer, I’ve always been attracted to visual representations of social issues, studies and information; particularly when attempting to make sense of financial data, statistics or the global economy. While doing my research on consumer trends (for another FAP post), I saw how one company effectively used a graphic (created at www.visualizing.org) to illustrate their point. Unlike the common pie-chart this graph was more like a piece of art—delivering it’s message to the public.

As a graphic artist, I love to see how other creatives take seemingly dry information and turn it into an “art form”. Visualizing.org is a website dedicated to the graphical understanding and sharing of such images. Featured in this post, “One Billion Dollar” by Michael Marcovici, makes an incredibly powerful statement. Constructed of actual dollars it really hit home for me. (Now, I’d like to know what one trillion dollars looks like……). In this post, I’ll share four more websites that are sure to keep you organized, inspired and entertained.


Get organized and stay focused! the99percent.com is Behance‘s think tank “focusing on what happens after inspiration — researching the forces that truly push ideas to fruition. Featuring profiles of proven idea makers and action-oriented tips all designed to help you transform ideas from vision to reality.”

Lots of great articles here about business, productivity and creativity!


Ted Talks feature an eclectic mix of people “talking” about issues and sharing stories that are fascinating, courageous and interesting. One of my favourites (because it involves art and technology), Ted talks with Amit Sood, “Building a Museum of Museums”.

Driven by his passion for art, Amit Sood tells the story of how he developed “Art Project”, Google’s Museum of Museums.

Most Ted talks are 5-10 min. long, perfect for watching while making dinner or when I need to take a short break.


A creative networking site that aggregates the most inspiring and informative content from all over the world. At allcreativeworld.com you get to review articles, art news and artwork submitted by others. Articles most favoured using the Facebook “Like” button are on the main page. You may be surprised to see what other creatives are reading…..?


We’ve been setting up mini-blogs for our various art businesses, which led me to spending some time “surfing” Tumblr. I’d heard of Tumblr but wasn’t aware of how addictive it could be. After about  an hour, I could see why so many people are drawn to exploring the various mini-blogs posted there.

What I did notice was a surplus of artists using Tumblr for creative blog-style sites. And why not, they’re easy to use and free! Here’s one example, a Tumblr gallery of scientific illustrations, Various Artists. The eclectic mix of imagery is an artwork in itself. Tip: Tumblr is also a good resource for creative inspiration, use the “Explore” feature and see what other artists are showing online.


If you’re looking for a summary of  art events worldwide, you’ll find it at www.artdaily.org, together with a listing of artists, galleries, fairs, and museum announcements. Check out the PhotoGallery section for collections of images from back issues.

Be sure to let us know about any interesting sites you’ve been visiting. We’d love to hear from you!



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