Protecting your rights as a Creator – Copyright reform back on the table

News Release:

Canadian photographers welcome the introduction of copyright reform

OTTAWA, September 29, 2011: The Canadian Photographers Coalition (CPC) welcomes the reintroduction of copyright reform legislation. The Copyright Modernization Act includes a provision to award photographers first ownership on commissioned works; a right held by all other creators.

“The Copyright Act is an important policy tool for the promotion of Canada’s culture and Canadians’ creativity,” stated André Cornellier, Coalition Co-chair. “As professional photographers, we understand first-hand the importance of ensuring a modern Copyright Act promoting both of these objectives.”

“In 2008 and 2010, we welcomed copyright reform and its recognition of photographers as equals among their creative colleagues. Heritage Minister James Moore and Industry Minister Christian Paradis have again committed to ending this inequity,” said Brian Boyle, Coalition Cochair.

“We are extremely pleased with the government’s decision to recognize photographers as authors of commissioned works. Building on that principle, we will seek a small technical amendment to the bill at committee,” added Mr. Cornellier.

The Canadian Photographers Coalition was formed to support the extension of copyright fairness to Canada’s working professional photographers. The Coalition represents the interests of two professional associations: the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and the Canadian  Association of Professional Image Creator (CAPIC).

Together the groups represent professional photographers working in all aspects of the craft and in all regions of the country. There are over 14,000 professional photographers working and living in Canadian communities from coast to coast. Over 95 per cent of professional photographers are small business people, owning, operating and working in their own businesses and dependent on sales of their work to support their families. Like all small business people, photographers are part of the engine that drives the Canadian economy.

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