Stacy Kirk

Texan born, Stacy Kirk possessed a vast experience in the art training which extended beyond photography to include painting, writing and award-winning filmmaking. Stacy received her Master of Fine Arts in New York from the School of Visual Arts, and her photos have been exhibited in New York, Berlin and Fort Worth, Texas.

Stacy was always searching for new ways to marry her photography with painting. During her switch from film based photography to digital, the opportunity to transfer her painterly techniques was possible. Excited about the new digital medium, she enlisted the help of a Vancouver techy and together they built a custom 8″x10″ digital camera. With this advanced technology, Stacy applied her creative talents to photographing flowers…lots of flowers!

Stacy loved taking her dog for long walks through her neighbourhood. It was during these frequent dog-walks she had the opportunity to observe the seasonal changes and every-changing flower gardens of the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia. Stacy’s love for flowers was unique—she believed each one had a life and story to tell.

To see more of Stacy Kirk’s work, check out the Wabe Sabe Collection.

Exhibited in 2004 at Fidelis, the following were hand selected by Stacy from her vast archive of images. For more information about purchasing any of these images, please contact Fidelis for more details.

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