Picks of the Week #1: 7 Awesome Marketing and Creativity Links for Artists

Looking for inspiration or great tips for ramping up your marketing? Kick-start your week by visiting these awesome links to the experts.

“Picks of the Week” is a boiled-down list of awesome articles, stories and “web-finds” sure to get you pumped up for the week to come.  This summary of awesome marketing and creativity advice for artists is sourced by pouring through hundreds of tweets and websites found through my “@fidelisart Experts List” (a list of experts I follow daily on Twitter).

This series is aimed at saving you time and providing you with valuable content and advice that is suited to you—the art marketer!

This weeks awesome links include an interview with marketing guru Seth Godin along with a great read on how to create the life you want (Chris Guillebeau) and “34 Portfolio Examples for Photographers” from our friends as DigitalPhotographySchool.com.

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7 Awesome Marketing and Creativity Links for Artists

1. “3 Ways to increase engagement with your Facebook Fans” by social media and branding strategist, Kim Garst. Kim is a great resource for learning how to use social media, gain followers, more traffic and make sales of your art.

2. “Successful Marketing Requires Behavior Change“ John Jantsch (ducktapemarketing.com) shares practical small business advice, insight and encouragement—perfect for artists!

3. Read this free e-book! “The Tower”: Explaining why we need to construct a life oriented around creative development. Chris Guillebeau, author of the Art of Non-conformity, is dedicated to personal development, entrepreneurship and life planning.

4. “Making contact with your hero’s: an interview with Seth Godin” by subvertmagazine.com. Anything about/with Seth Godin is worth your time.

5. “How Not to Put Your Foot in It When Creating a Photo Portfolio [With 34 Examples of How to Do it Right]“ From Digitalphotographyschool.com. This post is suitable for the beginner and advanced photographer who plans on showing their work.

6. “5 Things to try when the creativity isn’t flowing“ by Corbett Barr. Corbett offers lots of great advice on how to build a thriving and profitable audience for your website or blog.

7. “You’re not as busy as you think” by Chris Brogan, also the founder of Human Business Works. We all complain about never having enough time to get things done. If you’ve ever heard yourself saying “I’m just too busy….” read this article and learn how you could be doing things differently.

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