Picks of the Week #2: Must-have tools for building your audience

Links to industry experts talking about the Creative Commons, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Cultivating your community has never been so easy.

Featured in this post is a fantastic video with HDR photographer/artist, Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms.com). Trey shares how he successfully uses the Creative Commons to promote and market his work. He also shares his feelings on why “escaping the peer bubble” is necessary for artistic growth.

We’ll also link you to a tutorial for setting-up a Google+ Profile and Page. Plus two very cool applications for the exhibiting and sharing your art: Facebook Timeline and Pinterest.

Social media marketing isn’t for everyone, however, with so many options out there you’re sure to find one that suits your personal style, time demands and art business. Get started, follow these links to various experts and put their tips to work growing your community of admirers!

Marketing and Social Media “Must-Reads”

8 Bold Resolutions For Marketers: Read about trail-blazing marketers such as Cablevision, Eloqua, Fandango, IBM, and PetCo; and learn what they have on their “must do” list for 2012. “Cultivating a community” and using Facebook for more than an advertising channel are just two great ideas to consider for your art business.

Learn how to use Facebook to get people to talk about your art business online. This is a 60min. (on-demand) webinar, brought to you by Hubspot.com. Go get a coffee (or tea) and take in this informative webinar.

Tell your story with the new Facebook Timeline This is a creative and unique format for sharing works in progress and for providing your followers with snapshot of your career (past exhibitions, artworks and media coverage).

Your essential guide to Google+ (Wordtracker.com) If Google is truly the big brother of the internet, you really can’t afford not to get involved in this product. There are many photography circles on G+. Definitely a great place to mingle with like-minded creatives. And don’t forget to join my fine art circle on G+ !

Is Pinterest the new social commerce game changer? Learn about Pinterest and how it can drive traffic to your website.

5 Tips for Building Brand Fidelity on Tumblr In this post by Marketingprof.com, Tumblr experts note that photo-based posts on Tumblr get the most “reposts”. Tumblr is a perfect home for your photography and art collection—and it’s free.


10 Benefits of early rising – and how I do it. Leo Babauta (Zenhabits.com) has lots to share in this post about early rising, productivity and starting your day on a positive note.

Are you faking progress? Read this authentic post by personal development coach Steve Pavlina. Learn how you can find a balance between study, effort, practice and real-world results.

More on Trey Ratcliff

One of Trey’s gorgeous HDR images (seen left): “Entering Notre Dame”

Trey Ratcliff, stuckincustoms.com on SOPA and PIPA  

HDR Spotting A next-generation gallery for an emerging group of photographers.

Picks of the Week” is a shortlist of the best articles, stories and “web-finds” I found these past weeks through Twitter. This series is aimed at saving you time and providing you with valuable content and advice that is suited to you—the art marketer!

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