Stretching Options

At Fidelis, we offer two different ways to wrap your canvas artwork so that is ready-to-hang; museum wrap and gallery wrap. Both canvas wrap options utilize heavy-duty museum quality stretcher bars so the printed canvas remains tight in place. We also staple the canvas to the back of the bar, creating a finished look from the side of the artwork.

Pricing varies according to size and depth of the bar.

See our Print Calculator to get and estimate or call us for a quote.

Museum Wrap

canvas stretcher profileChoosing the museum wrap option makes the entire image viewable while looking at it straight on; no part of the image is lost around the stretched edge. With our museum wrap option, we stretch the canvas around wood support bars and leave a white/black* border on the edges of the stretched canvas. If there are vital parts of the image near the edge of your art, museum wrap is the way to go. * A colour may be specified.

Gallery/Image Wrap

The gallery wrap option stretches the image around the entire width of the stretcher bars, making a portion of the image viewable from the sides. Expect to lose at least an inch of the image on each side when viewing it straight on. Keep in mind that anything close to the edge of your art will be folded over the sides, so make sure to choose this option only if vital parts of the image are not close to the edge.

Hanging Hardware

Because damage may occur to the artwork during transportation, we do not attached hardware. Security, sawtooth, wire/hooks, corner tabs and otherĀ hardware are not included with each print order, but are available for purchase at the Fidelis Studio or at local hardware or art supply stores. Please ask us what we have in stock in advance of pick-up, so that we can be sure we have what you need.

A Note About Canvas Clear-Coating

To endure the long-life of your canvas print, we recommend that all canvas prints be treated with a UV and water resistant (not water-proof) coating. This coating is applied after printing, and provides added protection against handling, fading and dust. (This service not optional, however, it is priced separate on our Price Calculator for the purpose of price shopping with other print suppliers.)

Some artists prefer to add their own top-coating in order to make creative embellishments. Please make this request at the time of your order. Canvas prints without top-coating are exempt from our “10-Year Limited Warranty“.