Image Capture and Film Scanning

If your original is painted or you are supplying photographic film, you will need to have your art “scanned”. Hi-resolution scans can be taken from flat art, transparencies, and negatives. Scan technology varies from shop to shop and is reflected in the quality and the scan price.

If you are supplying negatives, please provide a photographic print for colour reference. Because of our background in the photo-lab business, we are aware of the sensitivity to special film types and handling needs—rest assured your film will not be oil mounted or handled any more than necessary.

At Fidelis, we use the Creo iQSmart flatbed scanner. The iQSmart allows us to scan oversized film & originals with an optical resolution on all areas of the scanning surface of 5400 dpi. We are able to scan any film size and originals with sizes up to 12″x18″ inches.

Medium to oversize artworks are photographed in our digital studio, then stitched together by our Master Printmakers using sophisticated imaging software. The process is seamless and generates a superb quality digital file.

Please ensure that your artwork arrives unframed. Works that have high gloss varnishs may be subject to a surcharge. Over-sized originals, may also be subject to individual special handling fees.

Note: Almost never….but on occasion, original art is lost or damaged. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm your original is covered while it is in transportation. And be sure to ask your printmaker about their liability policy while your art is in production.

Cleaning, Dust & Scratch Removal

Original film that has not been stored in archival sleeving often inherits fine scratches and includes dust that both show up in the scan. Excessive dust and scratch removal is not included with the price of your scan. If it is discovered that your images need special attention we will contact you with a quote before we proceed.


Fidelis is happy to keep a copy of your file on system for the purpose or re-orders or printing on-demand. There is no fee for this service. Please note that due to the volume of scans we do every year, we can not be responsible for the indefinite care of your digital file(s).

We recommend that you keep a copy of your file for safe-keeping. Please provide a USB memory stick or external hard drive at time of order, depending on your total file size.

Alternatively, we use a free service by WeTransfer to send digital files online.