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We’ve partnered with the finest artists available to publish imagery that is contemporary, unique and always relevant to market trends and demands. Shop our Feature Collections and enjoy our vast portfolio of archival canvas and paper artworks.

Fidelis is also a community for self publishing artists to exhibit, promote and sell their artwork. Visit the Independent Artists Collection often to explore new talents and a broad selection of styles and creativity. Sales are made direct with the individual artist, please use the contact information supplied.

Need an artwork that captures a unique atmosphere, taste, location or special event?

Fidelis can help you create your own “Brand Art Collection” by licensing original imagery that is available for exclusive projects.  Full service is offered on these projects, from framing to drop-shipping to your customer or location. Contact Alan in our Special Projects for more information.

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Canadian Sport Heroes Collection

A select group of athletes have changed the face of sport in Canada forever. Olympic medallists, world champions, fierce competitors — they have competed for our country, they have won with pride and lost with dignity. Through their efforts they have proven that sport can capture the imaginations of an entire country — and often the entire world.

The collection consists of two growing series of Olympic heroes portraits and Olympic sport themed paintings. The collection was commissioned by the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary and will ensure a lasting tribute to our sport heroes. For information about the artist, see the feature on Gordon Milne. …Read more

Vineyard Collection

Fidelis Art Prints is pleased to introduce The Vineyard Collection—the first collection of vineyard art prints featuring the scenic splendor of British Columbia’s, Okanagan wine country.

Compared to the great vineyards in France, Germany, Northern Italy and California, it’s no surprise the breathtaking beauty of the Okanagan has been labeled as one of the most beautiful places on earth. World-renowned estate wineries and rustic heritage ranches surrounded by rolling hills, sun-drenched vineyards, dramatic clay cliffs and azure-blue skies, are a delight to the eyes. Painted by local and international landscape artists, each interpreting this magical region in his own style and colour palette, The Vineyard Collection has captured the essence of this romantic and unforgettable landscape. …Read more

Tiko Kerr Collection

tiko kerr totem paintings vancouverTiko Kerr’s Vancouver landmarks and totems compliment every decor and are available to the corporate gift and souvenir markets.

Well know as “Vancouver’s Master Painter”, Tiko Kerr personally selected these popular images also featuring Whistler Mountain and local golf courses. …Read more

Wabe Sabe Collection

The Wabe Sabe Collection is Fidelis’s first release of Stacy Kirk’s photographic work featuring a variety of flowers, each containing exquisite detail and sumptuous colour never see before.

The Wabe Sabe Collection represents artist Stacy Kirk’s intimate relationship with photographing flowers. Using an 8”x10” custom build digital camera she passionately fell in love with the subtle nuances contained in each flower. Stacy’s flowers where often gifts from neighbouring gardeners who appreciated her belief that each flower had its own unique expression and personality. …Read more

Captain Vancouver Collection

Mariner artist, John Horton records the journey of Captain Vancouver through the North West Passage.

A must for art connoisseurs, seasoned veterans of the sea and historians. Every Captain Vancouver print is sure to make a wonderful addition to any study, family room, or office. …Read more

Quadrati Collection

From PAINTSMITHink, Artwork by Atom Johnson

Derived from the “ATOMscapes” by artist Atom Johnson, the Quadrati Collection includes a selection of unique abstract images that were originally created using natural stone, dust, sand and pigment. A soft palette of colour supplied by nature make these artworks and excellent compliment to West Coast interiors. …Read more

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