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Facebook Timeline for Visual Artists: 7 Essential Features for Marketing Your Art

The Facebook Fan page continues to be a viable tool for building an audience and engaging with fans of your art. If you haven’t build a Fan Page, now is the time to invest a morning (1-2hrs max.) to get one set-up. If you already have Fan Page you will be excited to learn that FB has added some new features in their re-design and format-change called “Timeline”.

Timeline will be applied to both personal Profiles and Fan pages, and it’s expected to offer increased viewer participation, entertainment value and overall user enjoyment.

This post is a reminder that as of March 30, 2012 FB will automatically change over all sites to fit the new format. Facebook is allowing you to preview what your new Timeline will look like, if you’re happy with the results, you can publish your new Timeline in advance of March 30th.

To help you get started, here’s a list of seven features that are essential for marketing your art. …Read more

Why I love Twitter: 4 Good Reasons Why Your Art Business Needs Twitter

I must confess it took me a long time to warm up to Twitter. As an outsider Twitter looked like a tool for idle chit-chat. Really…who cares “what I’m up to?”

However, marketing guru’s started focussing their emphasis on how Twitter is a cost-effective tool for promoting sales events and building an audience. Always on the look out for cost effective marketing ideas, I started to wonder—How could Twitter help visual artists?

This past fall, I decided to dedicate 30 minutes a day to building my relationship with Twitter. Even though our relationship is relatively new,  I can say without a doubt that I’m crushing on Twitter.

In this post I’ll share my findings and talk about how artists can use Twitter to grow their art business and cultivate new professional relationships.

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Picks of the Week #1: 7 Awesome Marketing and Creativity Links for Artists

Looking for inspiration or great tips for ramping up your marketing? Kick-start your week by visiting these awesome links to the experts.

“Picks of the Week” is a boiled-down list of awesome articles, stories and “web-finds” sure to get you pumped up for the week to come.  This summary of awesome marketing and creativity advice for artists is sourced by pouring through hundreds of tweets and websites found through my “@fidelisart Experts List” (a list of experts I follow daily on Twitter).

This series is aimed at saving you time and providing you with valuable content and advice that is suited to you—the art marketer!

This weeks awesome links include an interview with marketing guru Seth Godin along with a great read on how to create the life you want (Chris Guillebeau) and “34 Portfolio Examples for Photographers” from our friends as …Read more

“How the #$%@! Do I Get More Traffic to my Website?!” Series from

A free art marketing resource that you need to be reading

I’m always on the look-out for information, tools and tips to help artists sell their art. That’s how I stumbled on “Skinny”. Don’t let the name fool you, I believe the goal of this website is to prevent artists from falling onto the stereotype of becoming a starving (skinny) artist.

After spending some time touring Skinny Artist, I liked what I was hearing from it’s authors and contributing writers—so I decided to subscribe to the RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication). …Read more

Uploading Photographs of Your Art. Learn about the Dangers of Geotagging

If you value your privacy and property read on.

I work with some very tech savvy individuals. We pride ourselves on being well-informed about image capture technology and cameras of all types—including smart phones (in my case, the iphone).

We upload photographs on Flickr, Facebook and our blog to assist with marketing art collections and our various businesses. We  also take full advantage of using photographs to help sell off photographic equipment on Craigslist. All smart—right?

After watching this video about Geotagging and doing some further research, I will be doing business more cautiously.

(if you cannot see above video, go direct to the ABC Local 7 News site)
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The Art of the “One-liner”—Learn how to sell your art in under 30 seconds

Some call it the “elevator pitch”–I like the term One-liner. I’m not referring to a slimy sales pitch or slap stick comedy. What I’m talking about is 25 carefully crafted words used in that first 30 seconds you have to make a fabulous first impression.

In this post learn how mastering the Art of the One-liner will help you sell your art and leave everyone talking about you and your art for days to follow. …Read more

Hot Business Card Ideas for Artists + Content Tips from Marketing Pro’s

We’ve reviewed our recent web stats and learned that many of you art marketers are looking for design ideas for your art business cards. So in perfect pairing with my earlier post this week about becoming a “Networking Ninja”, I though I would treat you to some hot business card ideas, plus new tips on business card content and a surprise business card idea at the end of this post. …Read more