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How to Successfully Sell Contemporary Art Online: What can we learn from the first virtual art fair

Grow your art business by observing others and learning from their pioneering efforts.

The art world is still buzzing with comments about the first virtual art fair to hit cyberspace, which happened over the week of January 22-30, 2011. In the past, online art galleries have focused their products to the poster and print markets—leaving us to wonder if fine art buyers would shop online (and buy) high-end art. The VIP Art Fair proved that exhibiting, selling and buying fine art online is possible—and with that paved the way for future virtual fine art exhibitions and fairs.

In this post, I’ll be going over what we’ve learned from the VIP Fair and talk about how we can use some of their successes and practices to grow sales in your art business. …Read more

We print extraordinary, dynamic imagery

Customized retail graphics, dynamic trade show and event graphics

Fidelis is presently serving a select group of corporate clients who demand excellence in printmaking to set then above their competition. Our abilities to achieve colour accuracy and to capture the best image quality has positioned us as the preferred supplier for:

• Garment manufacturers—who demand colour matching to fabric

• Furniture designers and manufacturers—who need wood to look like wood.

• Food and Restaurant industries— who need their product to look as good as it tastes!

If you are a manufacturer for an environmentally conscience consumer, you may be interested in our “enviro-friendly” point of sale and retail display printing alternatives. We offer a complete line of environmentally friendly media used for display marketing—look great without sacrificing quality.

Boardroom and Office Wall Décor

Art is an integral part of your work environment, and deserves as much consideration and care as the other furnishings in your space.

Whether your project is a small renovation or a large campus, modest professional offices or high-end corporate interiors, hospitality or high-tech, we provide a full range of professional consulting services at no cost. Our art consultants will guide you through the process of developing a budget, and walking through your space or working from drawings to identify locations for art.

Need to use your own images or photography?
We can help you with photographic enlargements, remastering vintage/historic images, licensing, mounting and framing.

Corporate Gifting

The act of saying “Thank you” just became easier. Choose from an artwork from our Collections and show your appreciation with a unique Fidelis art print.

• Reward, thank, & recognize good customers, and build customer loyalty.

• Generate more sales leads, and increase your referral base.

• Reinforce marketing of existing products, services, or facilities.

• Help to reward and employee, retiree or conference speaker.

• Create incentives for better sales performance.

• Promote trade show traffic, and create lasting impressions.

• Introduce new products, services, websites, stores, or facilities.

Fidelis art prints are printed on archival art paper using pigment inks which provide vivid, pure colour with exceptional detail. Prints may be ordered unframed or framed, with a choice of three sizes, which are strategically priced to accommodate different budgets.

On-demand print technology has made it possible to customize your print order with a corporate logo or message—making it a personal statement of appreciation. Your prints are produced as needed, this allows for single or multiple orders.

Orders can be made online, by email or fax, and can usually be delivered to your office within 10-14 business days.

Contact Karen for more information on this exciting new gift product.

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Captain Vancouver Collection

Mariner artist, John Horton records the journey of Captain Vancouver through the North West Passage.

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How to Safely Ship Artwork

Take every precaution to ensure your artwork arrives safely to it’s destination by using proper packaging.

We recommend  contracting a professional art shipper who will build your art a crate) or purchasing a Masterpak or AirFloat art shipping box. Shipping containers are engineered to protect your art while in transit both ways. Shipping boxes can be used over and over again, so don’t let the initial cost dissuade you.

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