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Why I love Twitter: 4 Good Reasons Why Your Art Business Needs Twitter

I must confess it took me a long time to warm up to Twitter. As an outsider Twitter looked like a tool for idle chit-chat. Really…who cares “what I’m up to?”

However, marketing guru’s started focussing their emphasis on how Twitter is a cost-effective tool for promoting sales events and building an audience. Always on the look out for cost effective marketing ideas, I started to wonder—How could Twitter help visual artists?

This past fall, I decided to dedicate 30 minutes a day to building my relationship with Twitter. Even though our relationship is relatively new,  I can say without a doubt that I’m crushing on Twitter.

In this post I’ll share my findings and talk about how artists can use Twitter to grow their art business and cultivate new professional relationships.

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Friends, Fans and Followers: Learn why your art business must have the F-Factor?

One of the websites I follow is Trendwatching is an independent firm that gathers consumer trends from all over the globe. They email a monthly “Trend Brief” and offer a ton of free information about how & why different demographics are spending their money; and what influences their buying decisions.

I pay particular attention to Macro trends: social, technological and economical trends and how they relate to the “Affluent-Consumer”. Why do I follow trends? Mostly, because the Affluent-Consumer” is the largest consumer of fine art.

Looking for new markets to sell artwork has never been more critical and more difficult. Competition for retail space is limited, tradeshows are expensive (and unpredictable) and there aren’t enough dealers to support every artist. Art marketers need to dig-deep to find new markets and get inside the head of the Affluent-Consumer/Art Buyer. …Read more

Uploading Photographs of Your Art. Learn about the Dangers of Geotagging

If you value your privacy and property read on.

I work with some very tech savvy individuals. We pride ourselves on being well-informed about image capture technology and cameras of all types—including smart phones (in my case, the iphone).

We upload photographs on Flickr, Facebook and our blog to assist with marketing art collections and our various businesses. We  also take full advantage of using photographs to help sell off photographic equipment on Craigslist. All smart—right?

After watching this video about Geotagging and doing some further research, I will be doing business more cautiously.

(if you cannot see above video, go direct to the ABC Local 7 News site)
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Protecting Your Professional Image. Learn how your online social networking may be hurting your art business.

This post is a reminder why it is imperative to separate your personal life from your professional life online.

When it comes to social media such as Facebook, Twitter , MySpace, Flickr and YouTube (to only name a few) nothing is private. Social media is immediate and wide spread, that’s why they call it viral. Take some of these simple steps to make sure your personal actions don’t turn public in a matter of minutes.

Your private actions can be broadcasted to millions of people, saved on their desktops and re-circulated in the years to come. …Read more

5 Killer things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your art business

While you’re working hard producing great work, you may have neglected the need —to work on your business?

When you are self-employed it’s easy to get wrapped up in the everyday production of creating art—after all “art” is your first love.

Learn how to keep your business moving forward and how to include marketing in your every-day schedule. …Read more