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Colour Trends 2011/12. Why Artist’s Should Care

Video storyboard for 2011 colour inspiration.

Sell more art by creating imagery that includes current interior design colour trends

Experts have released their 2011/12 colour predictions for interior design and home décor. Colour trends effect how professional designers and average consumers choose art for their walls. Pay attention to these trends and your art business will bloom. …Read more

What is a Giclée? Tips for Describing Your Inkjet Printed Art

A prickly topic between artists, printmakers, dealers and art galleries.

There are no hard-fast rules when describing your digital prints and reproductions. However, the jury is still out on whether or not the high-end art buyers & collectors will accept trade names, like “giclée” for inkjet art prints. Choose carefully how you define and describe your art print—and match your marketing accordingly.

In this post I’ll share with you how Fidelis tackles the “is it a giclée?” name-game and how we have decided to describe our Collection artworks. Also included are some samples of how other artists are describing their art printed using the archival inkjet process. …Read more

Fine Art Media meets your Organizations Green Design Initiatives

Did you know that most archival media is 100% recyclable?

Exhibitors, public galleries and corporate environments are being mandated to use eco-friendly products for their décor projects; artworks, posters, display graphics and signage. With this in mind, they have turned to specialty fine art printmakers who offer a wider selection of organic and natural papers that can meet even the strictest organizational green initiatives. …Read more

We print extraordinary, dynamic imagery

Customized retail graphics, dynamic trade show and event graphics

Fidelis is presently serving a select group of corporate clients who demand excellence in printmaking to set then above their competition. Our abilities to achieve colour accuracy and to capture the best image quality has positioned us as the preferred supplier for:

• Garment manufacturers—who demand colour matching to fabric

• Furniture designers and manufacturers—who need wood to look like wood.

• Food and Restaurant industries— who need their product to look as good as it tastes!

If you are a manufacturer for an environmentally conscience consumer, you may be interested in our “enviro-friendly” point of sale and retail display printing alternatives. We offer a complete line of environmentally friendly media used for display marketing—look great without sacrificing quality.

Boardroom and Office Wall Décor

Art is an integral part of your work environment, and deserves as much consideration and care as the other furnishings in your space.

Whether your project is a small renovation or a large campus, modest professional offices or high-end corporate interiors, hospitality or high-tech, we provide a full range of professional consulting services at no cost. Our art consultants will guide you through the process of developing a budget, and walking through your space or working from drawings to identify locations for art.

Need to use your own images or photography?
We can help you with photographic enlargements, remastering vintage/historic images, licensing, mounting and framing.

Corporate Gifting

The act of saying “Thank you” just became easier. Choose from an artwork from our Collections and show your appreciation with a unique Fidelis art print.

• Reward, thank, & recognize good customers, and build customer loyalty.

• Generate more sales leads, and increase your referral base.

• Reinforce marketing of existing products, services, or facilities.

• Help to reward and employee, retiree or conference speaker.

• Create incentives for better sales performance.

• Promote trade show traffic, and create lasting impressions.

• Introduce new products, services, websites, stores, or facilities.

Fidelis art prints are printed on archival art paper using pigment inks which provide vivid, pure colour with exceptional detail. Prints may be ordered unframed or framed, with a choice of three sizes, which are strategically priced to accommodate different budgets.

On-demand print technology has made it possible to customize your print order with a corporate logo or message—making it a personal statement of appreciation. Your prints are produced as needed, this allows for single or multiple orders.

Orders can be made online, by email or fax, and can usually be delivered to your office within 10-14 business days.

Contact Karen for more information on this exciting new gift product.

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Stacy Kirk

Texan born, Stacy Kirk possessed a vast experience in the art training which extended beyond photography to include painting, writing and award-winning filmmaking. Stacy received her Master of Fine Arts in New York from the School of Visual Arts, and her photos have been exhibited in New York, Berlin and Fort Worth, Texas. …Read more

Full range of services for Interior Designers

Whether your project is a small renovation or a large campus, modest professional offices or high-end corporate interiors, hospitality or high-tech, Fidelis has a full range of services for interior designers. Our staff will guide you through the process of developing a wall decor budget, solicit work from artists or develop a production plan to work with your supplied art or graphics. Bring us your ideas! …Read more

We serve publisher’s interested in premium quality, volume fine art printing

Fidelis offers an impressive level of quality with a quick turn around to our fine art publishing clients. We make every effort to fully understand your needs and present solutions to help you grow your business, maintain your competitive edge and become an industry leader.

We offer attractive volume rates on a cost per square inch basis. By optimizing on paper width and size our clients can minimize waste and maximize profits.

We offer a wide selection of fine art and décor media, including Somerset’s oversized 505gsm sheets at 44”x60”. We also offer printing direct to canvas, including stretching and hardware.

We have experience “working into” an edition printed elsewhere. Our Master Printmakers will calibrate your supplied files to our system with a goal to achieve a 99% match to your supplied printed sample.

Ask us about our image capture pricing, signature removal, image-remastering services, canvas stretching and volume framing—no need to outsource, when you can have your project managed under one roof!

Please contact our Alan to discuss your project needs and prepare a quote for you.

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