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The Scoop About Online Art Stores: A Quick Guide to Selling Art Online

You’ve probably thought about joining an online art store to sell your art. With hundreds of options out there how do you know which online art store is right for you?

In this post I’m going save you a ton of time doing research, by giving you a quick guide to selling your art online using online art stores. Learn what images to submit, how much it will cost and what you should expect from an online art store provider. …Read more

Welcome to Fidelis Art Prints

Fidelis serves an elite community of photo-based artists and painters by providing exhibition quality archival inkjet printing, technical Photoshop and image calibration expertise. Our finishing services include custom print mounting, lamination, and canvas stretching.

Our Exhibition News (below) showcases some of our more recent projects and demonstrates the quality you can expect from Fidelis. Look to us to provide expert solutions for your debut shows and limited editions, as well as your career-spanning museum retrospective. If you are new to archival pigment printing and would like to meet to discuss your printmaking options, we would be happy to arrange a meeting.

Tiko Kerr Collection

tiko kerr totem paintings vancouverTiko Kerr’s Vancouver landmarks and totems compliment every decor and are available to the corporate gift and souvenir markets.

Well know as “Vancouver’s Master Painter”, Tiko Kerr personally selected these popular images also featuring Whistler Mountain and local golf courses. …Read more

Captain Vancouver Collection

Mariner artist, John Horton records the journey of Captain Vancouver through the North West Passage.

A must for art connoisseurs, seasoned veterans of the sea and historians. Every Captain Vancouver print is sure to make a wonderful addition to any study, family room, or office. …Read more

Robyn Lake

Robyn Lake - RL006

Robyn Lake had her first solo exhibition of watercolours in Penticton, British Columbia in 1996. Since then she has ventured into oils and acrylics and she continues to develop her expressive style by painting a variety of subject matter, from intimate close-ups of flowers and fruit to panoramic views of the Okanagan landscape.

Robyn expresses her excitement about life on canvas: “I believe we can heal the earth by focusing on the positive things about the world we live in and I try to put this energy into my paintings.” …Read more

What is a limited edition artwork?

A limited edition print is a reproduction of an original work of art. While there can be only one original, limited editions make it possible for an artist to share his work with a larger audience. The total number of reproductions is limited to an edition size set by the publisher.

Limited edition prints are created in a small pre-determined quantities to retain their integrity and value. Each print is individually numbered and includes a hand-signed certificate by the artist. In addition to the numbered prints, 20-25% of the artist’s proofs are allotted for use by the artist and publisher. 10-15% of the edition are designated as Sales Proofs (also known as HC’s, House copies, or Hors Commerce). Artist’s Proofs usually comprise of no more than 10% of the total edition, which are distributed at his or her discretion.