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Why You Should Invest in High Quality Scans of Your Original Art

Don’t overlook the importance of photographing and archiving your artwork—big opportunities may be right around the corner.

Your images are your business assets. Even though you might not need it today, having high quality digital files of your artwork is a smart business decision. Big money making opportunities have been lost to artists who have poor quality or low-resolution digital scans/photographs of their artwork. …Read more

We serve publisher’s interested in premium quality, volume fine art printing

Fidelis offers an impressive level of quality with a quick turn around to our fine art publishing clients. We make every effort to fully understand your needs and present solutions to help you grow your business, maintain your competitive edge and become an industry leader.

We offer attractive volume rates on a cost per square inch basis. By optimizing on paper width and size our clients can minimize waste and maximize profits.

We offer a wide selection of fine art and décor media, including Somerset’s oversized 505gsm sheets at 44”x60”. We also offer printing direct to canvas, including stretching and hardware.

We have experience “working into” an edition printed elsewhere. Our Master Printmakers will calibrate your supplied files to our system with a goal to achieve a 99% match to your supplied printed sample.

Ask us about our image capture pricing, signature removal, image-remastering services, canvas stretching and volume framing—no need to outsource, when you can have your project managed under one roof!

Please contact our Alan to discuss your project needs and prepare a quote for you.

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Working on a project, exhibition or interested in learning more about self-publishing?

Top artists are embracing the archival inkjet process for printing their work.

The introduction of digital printmaking and the ability to “print-on-demand” has made it possible for many artists to control the way their art is printed, grow their business and offer new products in ways that would have been too costly in the past. …Read more

Step 8 – Printing On-Demand

The beauty behind inkjet printmaking is that an artist does not need to keep an inventory of artwork. Printing on-demand means that you order when you need it. Most artists print two sets of each image, one for their portfolio and one for an immediate sale. A customer pays you, then you order the print—this really helps with cash flow. …Read more