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Is Social Media Worth the Effort? Learn how to better your time investment

Are you getting the most out of social media or is it getting the most out of you?

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the time needed to manage the social media side of our art business: FAP blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter, Linkedin and Flickr. We are spending countless hours every week to stay up-to-date, and I’m starting to wonder… “Are we getting a good return on this investment?” So I did some research. In this post I’ll share my findings. …Read more

5 Ways to Shift Art Browsers to Art Buyers

With it becoming more and more competitive for artists to gain representation in commercial galleries, many artists are faced with selling their own work. With this comes the great responsibility or turning art browsers into art buyers.

In this post, I’ll explain five ways you can convince art browsers to justify making the purchase of your art—TODAY! …Read more

Learn How Top Artists Are Making Money Selling Canvas Editions

Canvas artworks are anything but traditional. See how artists are using canvas artworks to meet this years hot home décor trend.

Enlarge and print a single image or split up one image into panels for a more graphic effect. Embellish with paint or foil to create a truly unique artwork—the creative possibilities are endless when printing to canvas!

I’m not surprised to see the popularity of canvas growing. Since 1999 we have printed thousands of canvas editions and reproductions for artists. Obviously canvas is the preferred choice for artists reproducing from painted works for creating likeness to the original. However, over the last decade, canvas has gained the attention of photo-based artists (in particular landscape and abstract) and portrait photographers, who are attracted to the texture the natural material brings to their imagery. …Read more

5 Killer things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your art business

While you’re working hard producing great work, you may have neglected the need —to work on your business?

When you are self-employed it’s easy to get wrapped up in the everyday production of creating art—after all “art” is your first love.

Learn how to keep your business moving forward and how to include marketing in your every-day schedule. …Read more