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Why You Should Invest in High Quality Scans of Your Original Art

Don’t overlook the importance of photographing and archiving your artwork—big opportunities may be right around the corner.

Your images are your business assets. Even though you might not need it today, having high quality digital files of your artwork is a smart business decision. Big money making opportunities have been lost to artists who have poor quality or low-resolution digital scans/photographs of their artwork. …Read more

How to Safely Ship Artwork

Take every precaution to ensure your artwork arrives safely to it’s destination by using proper packaging.

We recommend  contracting a professional art shipper who will build your art a crate) or purchasing a Masterpak or AirFloat art shipping box. Shipping containers are engineered to protect your art while in transit both ways. Shipping boxes can be used over and over again, so don’t let the initial cost dissuade you.

…Read more

Step 2 – Image Capture/Scanning

This is Step #2 in a series about the Fine Art Printmaking Process. (If you are supplying a digital file skip to STEP #3.)

If your original is painted or you are supplying photographic film, you will need to have your art “scanned”. Hi-resolution scans can be taken from transparencies, negatives, or unmounted flat art. No harm comes to your art during this process, scanned is term used to describe the process that “generates a digital representation of your original into computer data”. It is form this digital file (data) that your reproduction is printed. Scan technology varies from shop to shop and is reflected in the quality and the price. …Read more

Step 1 – Request an Estimate

At Fidelis, we are about building long-term relationships. And nothing hurts a relationship more than misunderstandings about money. Thats’ why I decided to make “Request an Estimate”  STEP#1.

To help with project planning Fidelis offers two online calculators, Scanning and Print for projecting scanning and print costs. We also encourage that you take us up on our free project consultation. …Read more