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The Scoop About Online Art Stores: A Quick Guide to Selling Art Online

You’ve probably thought about joining an online art store to sell your art. With hundreds of options out there how do you know which online art store is right for you?

In this post I’m going save you a ton of time doing research, by giving you a quick guide to selling your art online using online art stores. Learn what images to submit, how much it will cost and what you should expect from an online art store provider. …Read more

The Secret to Selling More Art is Market Domination: Be Everywhere

As an artist you know how competitive it is to find a dealer, get accepted to a juried show or stand-out in a crowd of artists at an art event. Selling your art has never been more competitive, so what do you do? …Read more

6 Great Ways to Make Your Sales Letter Memorable

Make a truly personal introduction to your new artworks and your art business by creating a dynamic sales letter.

In this post, find out how you can create a memorable sales letter that reflects your professionalism and most importantly, successfully promotes and sells your art to your target market. …Read more

6 Simple Tips for Marketing and Selling Your Art: Learn why you need to start marketing BEFORE your artwork is complete.

It’s one thing to create beautiful art, it’s another thing to produce art that is selling in the marketplace. Selling, marketing and P.R. all need to be in place before you finish that large artwork or body of work.

Take control of your future art sales, by following these 6 simple tips for marketing and selling your art.

…Read more

5 Ways to Shift Art Browsers to Art Buyers

With it becoming more and more competitive for artists to gain representation in commercial galleries, many artists are faced with selling their own work. With this comes the great responsibility or turning art browsers into art buyers.

In this post, I’ll explain five ways you can convince art browsers to justify making the purchase of your art—TODAY! …Read more

Learn How to Price Your Art

Helpful Tips to Make Your Job Easier

If you are planning an exhibition (assuming your goal is to sell your art) you will need to put some serious thought into your “pricing strategy”. There are no official rules on how to price your art, however, here are some helpful strategies for developing a price structure. …Read more

Welcome to Fidelis Art Prints

Fidelis serves an elite community of photo-based artists and painters by providing exhibition quality archival inkjet printing, technical Photoshop and image calibration expertise. Our finishing services include custom print mounting, lamination, and canvas stretching.

Our Exhibition News (below) showcases some of our more recent projects and demonstrates the quality you can expect from Fidelis. Look to us to provide expert solutions for your debut shows and limited editions, as well as your career-spanning museum retrospective. If you are new to archival pigment printing and would like to meet to discuss your printmaking options, we would be happy to arrange a meeting.