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The Art of the “One-liner”—Learn how to sell your art in under 30 seconds

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Some call it the “elevator pitch”–I like the term One-liner. I’m not referring to a slimy sales pitch or slap stick comedy. What I’m talking about is 25 carefully crafted words used in that first 30 seconds you have to make a fabulous first impression.

In this post learn how mastering the Art of the One-liner will help you sell your art and leave everyone talking about you and your art for days to follow. …Read more


Goal Setting for Artists: Make this your year to do something big!

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Gain control over your future by putting some goal setting into practice. Establishing goals is the best way to stay focussed, be motivated and launch your art business to new heights.

In this post, learn about the power of goal setting and why your art business can’t live without it.

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Hot Business Card Ideas for Artists + Content Tips from Marketing Pro’s

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We’ve reviewed our recent web stats and learned that many of you art marketers are looking for design ideas for your art business cards. So in perfect pairing with my earlier post this week about becoming a “Networking Ninja”, I though I would treat you to some hot business card ideas, plus new tips on business card content and a surprise business card idea at the end of this post. …Read more


How to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the Internet, so you can get back to creating art.

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This post was inspired by a recent thread at Robert Genn’s, where an artist wrote to Robert asking how he and other artists are coping with overwhelming visual content and the distraction of the internet.

Are you overwhelmed by the internet? How do artists cope with visual over-stimulation and not find themselves distracted when they are working online?

As an art professional, I earn my income from art so there is an important need to be productive, sell art and get paid. I’ll be honest and say that I have logged many hours on the internet. So much so, that there was a time you could call me an internet junkie. It’s an ongoing challenge to stay focused and not become distracted while working online. To make sure I stayed focussed on my work, I put these simple online rules in place for myself.

In this post I’d like to share my tips to help you stay focused on your art business, be more productive and get back to creating art. …Read more


10 Creative Business Card Ideas for Fine Artists

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Easel Business CardYou can’t do business without this valuable marketing tool. Take this opportunity to be original—your art certainly is.

Let’s face it, meeting people in person is still the best form of marketing. For artist’s it’s the perfect opportunity to share your art business and get someone excited about making an appointment for a showing, getting linked to your blog or direct them to your website. Don’t get caught scribbling your contact information on a napkin! Show your prospective clients and customers that you are “all about art”. Take the opportunity to be creative and leave them with an impression they can’t forget. …Read more


Welcome to Fidelis Art Prints

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Fidelis Art Prints is a fine art printmaking studio, art marketing resource and boutique art publisher.

Fidelis serves an elite community of photo-based artists and painters by providing exhibition quality archival inkjet printing, technical Photoshop and image calibration expertise. Our fine art services also include canvas stretching and specialty print mounting to board and aluminum.

We believe that if you succeed, we succeed. So in order to help you grow your art business we created the FAP Blog. Here you’ll find hundreds of valuable articles about art marketing, such as how artists can use social media to build an audience, unique business cards ideas for creatives and leads to art industry resources around the web.

Is your first time visiting? Click the “Getting Started” link below. Let us introduce you to Fidelis Art Prints and get you started printing and selling your art. Getting Started With Fidelis Art Prints