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Martin Elder – Perceptual Renderings, Equinox Gallery

Exhibiting March 28 to May 2, 2015 at Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, “Perceptual Renderings” exhibition is part of the second Capture Photography Festival in Vancouver. Learn more Artist Website. Articles on Martin Elder: SightUnseen Online Magazine 4 April, 2015, and  Lynda Kuit Photography (Blog) Image: Installation, Equinox Gallery

Tom Antil – Lon Michels Gallery – Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Cityscapes and Landscapes from Tom Antil on Exhibit-it.

Palm Springs Cityscapes and Landscapes” by impressionist painter, Tom Antil

On exhibition at the Lon Michels Gallery, Palm Springs from March 2 to 30th, 2015. The paintings of Tom Antil are colorful and a bit rough edged. They are painted on unsanded plywood. This adds a certain texture and roughness of it’s own. Tom attempts to make his portrayals of city scenes lively and upbeat. Thematically, he tries to portray cities as being an extension of nature, adding to the interest of the landscape rather than becoming a blight on it. For more information of Tom’s work visit

Steven Shearer at the Venice Biennale 2011

The National Gallery of Canada presents Vancouver artist, Steven Shearer at the 54th Venice Biennale

Many FAP readers know about the Venice Biennale and what it means to an artist’s career to be selected to exhibit. But for those who are hearing about this event for the first time, I’d like to share news about this years featured artist (and FAP client) Steven Shearer. …Read more

Fred Herzog, Rodney Graham, Jeff Wall….Don’t miss this rare opportunity

Selected Works from the Gordon & Marion Smith Collection

Exhibiting at the West Vancouver Museum

June 9-August 27, 2011

Opening reception on June 8, 2011, 7pm-9pm

The lives of Gordon Smith, and his late wife Marion, were defined by art. Both his own rich and varied artistic practice in which Marion was always his first and most important critic but also by the great love of looking that they both shared. Over a long lifetime they have both collected and donated works of art by many other artists.  Their outlook was always that of visual explorers and Gordon remains that as he continues to collect today. …Read more

Spotlight on Artist Fred Herzog, “Pioneer of Color Photography”

If you happen to be following the talented photographer, Fred Herzog, you know that his success in the art world has been a long time in the making.

From the photographer who came into our film lab almost two decades ago, to the acclaimed international artist he is today, we continue to have the privilege of working with this interesting and great man.

Having already been active in the local art scene, things got really exciting for Fred when he reached a career milestone in 2007. Fred’s work was selected for a solo exhibition, “Vancouver Photographs” at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG), (the VAG is the fifth largest Gallery in Canada). …Read more

Merle Somerville

Merle Somerville has been photographing landscapes for over 30 years. His passion for finding the perfect image, has lead him to photographing more than 150 parks located throughout British Columbia, United States, Australia, Central America and the South Pacific. Since completing his Canadian Master’s in Photography in 1978, his work has been published by several national magazines, tourism marketers and recently the Knowledge Network celebrating British Columbia’s 150th Anniversary.

…Read more

Michael Elkan at the Bellevue Gallery

Michael Elkan, artistAfter another sucessful year of exhibiting his work in London, Michael Elkan is back at the Bellevue Gallery, West Vancouver with a new collection of artworks.

Featuring photographic images on Hahnemühle PhotoRag and Moab’s Lasal PhotoMatte mounted to aluminum. A must see for artists who are interested in pursing new media perfectly suited to photographic work. On Exhibition October 15 thru November 14th, 2009