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Image Capture

Digitally capturing your images at the highest quality is essential for showcasing and selling your work. Documenting your originals for promotional purposes or reproducing them for open or limited edition prints is one of the most important steps that you need to do.


Archival Printing

Archival pigment printing is an ideal way to print your photographs and fine art reproductions. An increasing number of photographers and painters are adopting this process for it’s versatility and high archival rating. Discover it’s potential and find out how it can help you succeed. 


Art Marketing

My goal is to guide every artist on to the best path to success. If you need help finding the right target market, pricing your prints, using your prints for fundraising or just brainstorming ideas on how to promote your work online, don’t hesitate to give me a call for a free consultation.


Price Lists and Calculators

To help get you started, I’ve included a few price lists with standard sizes. For custom sizes and quantities or if you’re printing for an exhibition, please contact me for a special quote.

Marcel Chenier

We were so relieved to find Fidelis! After decades of producing hyper-realistic art, I finally made the move to selling reproductions. Alan helped guide us through the process from shooting the original to choosing the right paper. We were worried that a print wouldn’t do the originals justice, but the fine art prints came out absolutely stunning. He also gave us invaluable direction on handling and packaging for shipping. We wouldn’t have been nearly as confident in this big step toward making my art into a business had it not been for Alan and his team. I can’t recommend Fidelis enough.

Art Jiu Jitsu Life

Been getting my prints done here since 2018, which elevated my business. Excellent, high quality and great working relationship with Alan. If you want to take your art prints to the next level, Fidelis is the place.

Ryan Heshka

I’ve been working with Alan for around 15 years now, and he always makes sure the order is completed to my satisfaction. Fidelis uses high quality materials, and the work is done in a timely fashion. Highly recommended.

Angela Muellers

The Fidelis team is always a pleasure to work with. Whether you need your work photographed or prints made you can depend on the highest quality to showcase your art. I have been a customer for 5 years with examples on my website.

James Harry

Goes above just giving prints! Offers great insight to marketing your art prints as well. Highly recommend!