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Print pricing is based on the total square inches of your order, which is determined by the quantity, final output dimensions, and border width. Keep in mind that the price is calculated from the trim size, not the image size.

It doesn’t matter whether you mix quantities, sizes, or media, the pricing is based on the total sqin of your order. All testing is included in the cost of printing. Please understand that the price lists are for estimating only. If you require a firm quote, please call or email.

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Print Pricing

Based on your final print size and quantity, the total sqin (including borders) is .
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The online calculator is for estimating purposes only and all prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Extra Services

For anyone needing a higher level of support, we are always here to help you. Below is a list of additional services that we offer and how they are calculated.

Photoshop System Time – $120 per hour, min $30 for 15 minutes of retouching or image corrections.

File Preparation – $5 per image for cropping and resizing. All files should be supplied at the exact size requested at 300 dpi in RGB.

Excess Testing – $10 per image / $5 for each additional tests required from the same image.

Special Guidelines

To avoid production delays and/or additional surcharges, please follow the guidelines below before you bring in or send files.

Resolution – Optimal resolution for output is 300 dots per inch at your final print size. Do not send in multiple files with mixed resolutions.

Aspect Ratio – Be sure to confirm that cropped or resized accordingly. Your image dimensions must match the print sizes requested.

Colour Space – We recommend AdobeRGB as it has the widest gamut. sRGB is ok, though it is primarily used online for social media and websites.

Bit Depth – Convert all RAW files from 16-bit to 8-bit colour depth before sending. Higher bit depths do not provide significant benefits.

File Format – For digitally supplied files. set JPEGs to a Max 12 setting in Photoshop. Also, make sure that all PSD and TIFF files are flattened accordingly.