Image Capture

Depending on whether you need documentation or reproduction, there are two levels of image capture available for artwork. Other than the larger file size, the main difference is that if you’re printing at Fidelis, additional tweaks are done to correct the images as close as possible to the originals. Since documentation files are typically being used for social media or websites, they are closely calibrated on screen, but no print testing is included. 


$25 flat rate

You receive two files; one TIFF at approx 8″x10″ at 300dpi (20 MB) for publication and one lower resolution JPEG for sharing on social and your website.


$50 Minimum

You receive two files; one TIFF at approx 20″x24″ at 300dpi (120 MB) for fine art printing and one lower resolution JPEG for sharing on social and your website.

Film Scanning

Special Quote

We also scan from traditional slides and negatives. Film can sometimes require extra cleaning for dust and scratches, so pricing can vary accordingly. 


Professionally capturing your images at the highest quality is essential for showcasing and selling your work. If you want to show your commitment to excellence and separate yourself from everyone else, the best way to do this is by having your work shot properly with the right camera equipment and lighting. If you’re ready to step up your game, we recommend that you to bring in one of pieces and let us show you the difference.


Image capture pricing is based on file size, which is determined by on the resolution and final output dimensions required for printing. Keep in mind that the optimal resolution for output is 300dpi.

The online calculator is for estimating purposes only. Please contact us directly for a firm quote.


Turnaround times may vary depending on the current production volume and the quantity of work needing to be photographed. If you have a tight timeline, contact us directly to confirm we can meet your specific deadline.

Documenation Schedule – 2 to 3 business days for individual pieces requiring documentation. If you have multiple pieces, please contact us directly to confirm our current schedule. Everything is shot on a first-in first-out basis, so be sure to book a Drop Off appointment to bring your piece in.

Reproduction Schedule – 4 to 5 business days for any pieces that require testing for printing. Be sure to book a Test Approval appointment after dropping off your pieces.

Priority Schedule – If you require same day “while you wait” service, be sure to contact us ahead of time to see if we can accommodate your needs. Call or text Alan directly at 604-786-4865.  


As much as we would like to keep the upfront costs of documentation and reproduction down to a minimum, some originals present more challenges than others. This means, they may require additional time for setting up and handling, as well as dust and debris removal.

Reflection Control – If your originals are in frames behind glass or have high gloss resin, there is an extra $25 surcharge per piece.

Deckled Edges – If you want to preserve the rough or deckled edges of your original, there is an extra $25 surcharge per piece.

Excess Cleaning – If it is discovered that your originals require extra retouching, we will contact you with a quote before we proceed.