Image Capture

Digitally capturing your images at the highest quality is essential for showcasing and selling your work. Documenting your originals for promotional purposes or reproducing them for open or limited edition prints is one of the most important steps that you need to do.

For documenting originals, there is a flat rate of $25 per scan. Over-sized and high gloss originals may be subject to an additional $25 special handling fee/surcharge. Since these scans are typically being used for social media or websites, they are closely calibrated, but no print testing is included.

For reproduction quality scans, there is a minimum $50 fee, which accounts for approximately a 20″x24″ RGB file at 300dpi. If you are printing at Fidelis, testing is included in the cost of scanning.


SCAN PRICING is based on the same cost per MegaByte (MB), starting at $0.50/MB, so it doesn’t matter what type of original you have. The total file size of your scan(s) is used to determine the appropriate price break. 


For transparencies, negatives and smaller originals, the Creo iQSmart flatbed can scan up to 12″x18″. If you are supplying negatives, please provide a photographic print for reference.

For medium to oversize originals, they are digitally photographed in detailed segments, then stitched together using sophisticated imaging software. The process is seamless and generates a superb quality digital file.


Special quotes are still available on larger volume scan orders, so please call 604-872-0088 or email with more details.

Cleaning, Dust & Scratch Removal

Original film that has not been stored in archival sleeving often inherits fine scratches and includes dust that both show up in the scan. Excessive dust and scratch removal is not included with the price of your scan. If it is discovered that your images need special attention we will contact you with a quote before we proceed.


Fidelis is happy to keep a copy of your file on system for the purpose or re-orders or printing on-demand. There is no fee for this service. Please note that due to the volume of scans we do every year, we can not be responsible for the indefinite care of your digital file(s).